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Five years earlier...

"What about a little dog? Like a golden retriever or--"

My mother interrupted me by her loud, hearty laugh surrounding our car. "Is that what you classify as small, Taylor?"

I looked at her amused expression from the rear view mirror and gave her a sheepish smile. "I mean, it's smaller than me."

My mom laughed again but it quickly turned into a scream. Looking away from her, I saw a car that was driving on the wrong side of the road, coming straight for us. It didn't even truly register to me what was happening until I saw my mother's hands begin to hesitate on the wheel...

And then everything slowed. Suddenly it was like I was watching a 3D movie in slow motion with the best graphics ever made. The scream I had been holding in escaped my mouth and without thinking, I put my hands out in front of me and I focused on our car.

We were forcefully jolted to the right at the same moment time went back to normal, throwing me in the corner furthest from the oncoming vehicle. Now, the car was coming at an angle. I had only a split second to catch my mom's eye before the car sped forward and hit us. I didn't feel any pain as the screaming stopped and everything went black.

I woke up at the hospital later that day. The doctors told me it was a miracle I had survived, and even more so that I made it out with little to no injuries. The witness report said that they hadn't even noticed we had moved slightly out of the way until they saw where the opposite car hit us. What was supposed to be a head-on, completely fatal collision turned into only one casualty, the driver's side to be completely caved in, and the back right corner to be the only safe spot in the car. That is where I was seated and I walked out of there later that night with only my father by my side.

That was the day I lost my mother and I thought it would be the biggest turning point in my life. However, that wasn't the only thing that happened.

It was also that day I realized I was different.


This is the new edition of Supernatural Abilities! It is completely rewritten, giving it more depth, character development, plot, and other aspects that are needed for a good, exciting story. First chapter is still getting posted on Sunday, but I wanted to get this up to get you guys excited :)

Thanks for sticking around with me and I hope you like how this story goes. It is still the same characters but with a much better plot (though many main ideas are the same, just not presented the same way. Ja feel?)

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