[21] Blood Shed

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*Happy Halloween everyone*

Silent and Die finally made it to the tree and climbed up so no one could see them. Then Die say it, the first dead body of this brutal game and it was Volume. Blade was no wear to be seen, but the pink haired girl lied there dead as can be.

"Volume is dead." She whispered to Silent. He bowed his head before looking back up at her with regretful eyes.

They looked down and saw Needles and Chuckles following behind Chocker and Fro since Zoey ran off earlier and they can't see Rex.


Fro got caught in a wire trap that was cutting into his throat while Chuckles held back Chocker. "Let me go you scum." Chocker tried to pull away.

Needles tightened the wire on his neck since he tied Fro up. "I think Fro my lose his head if you keep struggling." Chuckles laughed.

"No!" Chocker screamed as Needles pulled the cord hard cutting Fro's head clean off. Tears and rage were now on her face. "You'll pay, I promise you that."

Chuckles let her go. "I guess you're..." He stabbed her in the heart making her fall dead onto Fro's body. "Heart broken." He laughed darkly.

"Now we have to find the others. Our only threats are Rex, the twins, Silent and Die." Needles tells him.

"What about Key?" He asked thrilled with the thought of killing his own brother.

"He's yours as long as Die is mine." Needles smirked. "She's my little victim."


Tears streamed down Die's face as she watched Fro and Chocker die before her eyes. "That's life I guess." Silent said with no emotions.

"No, that's only death." She glared at him. "I need to find Rex." She began to climb down when Silent stopped her and put a finger over his lips to be silent then pointed down at the group of three. It was Razor, Luna and Blade. Blade looked furious with the hatchet in his hands.

She looked at Silent and they knew someone was going to die soon, but they didn't know who yet. She just hoped it wasn't Rex.

I know it seemed short and rushed for a chapter, but it was really hard writing that death scene. I shipped them, but I knew they had to go sooner or later.

And plot twist about Key and Chuckles beening brothers. Who do you think will win in a show down. And just so you know Key is older by a year.

Try not to die

Are you truly crazy when you know you're crazy, I just think that's bonkers.

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