[22] Show Down at High Noon

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Silent and Die watched as Skell and Zoey began to square off. They both knew it was going to be one epic battle.


Zoey held the hatchet in her hand tightly as Skell held her dagger. They knew this day would come and today was the day they had their show down.

"You know you're so going down right?" Zoey grinned like a madman.

"Nah, you got it all wrong, I'm going to be the victor here." Skell said proudly.

"Oh really, prove it." Zoey taunted.

"Oh, I will." Skell smirked darkly.

And the battle begun. They circled each other not sure of where to strike when Skell finally advanced towards Zoey's stomach and she uses the hatchet blade as a sheild. "Nice try." Zoey chuckled and she kicks her back a few steps and advances trying to chop her head off. But Skell ducks and rolls behind her.

"It's not gonna be that easy." Skell chuckles darkly as she tries to trip Zoey, but she just jumps.

And with that their battle began. Skell aimed towards Zoey's vital organs while Zoey aimed for vital arteries. So basically Zoey was hacking away while Skell was trying to stab Zoey to death.

"You will never get me." Skell ducked before advancing again.

"Not unless we kill each other." Zoey finally figured it out. The two stopped and stared at each other.

Skell threw her dagger while Zoey tossed her hatchet. "This is the end." The hatchet landed on Skell's abdominal region.

"Guess so." The dagger stuck out of Zoey's rib cage.

They both fell to the ground on their knees. "At least I knew you did it." Skell coughed up a bit of her blood before passing out on the ground.

"The only way we could end it was both of our deaths. I just hope Die can forgive me." Zoey smiled before falling to the ground. "Good luck Die." She whispered as a figure began to walk up to her with white hair. Zoey looked up at the figure confused. "Die?"


"Come out come out where ever you are." Chuckles taunted his older brother. Chuckles had gone mad with jealousy and rage as he searched for his older brother.

"Not knowing is half the fun, so why should I tell you when I should run." Key's voice echoed around Chuckles location.

"Stop hiding and come out to play." Chuckles began to laugh hysterically. He gripped onto his sword even tighter waiting to strike.

"Than let's play a game, where you die and I get all the blame, but of course I am the one to win, so that the end, Fin." Key rhymed.

"You know that gets very annoying." Chuckles growled angrily, fed up with what game his brother was playing with him.

Key stood perfectly behind Chuckles not holding a single weapon since he had a trick up his sleeve that his brother never knew about. "I don't want to kill you, but everything I do must be true. So I say goodbye, because it's your time to die." Chuckles swung his sword to cut off his brothers head to only cut off his own.

Key had set up strings to manipulate his brother like a marionette. "I less head, means one more dead." Key commented as he took his brothers sword. "This will have to do, but Die I'm coming for you." Key said madly.


"What's wrong?" Silent looked over at a very worried Die.

"There is something they didn't tell us." Die whispered to herself. "Or someone."


I'm back. I'm sorry about the long wait, but I've been sick for two weeks now and I haven't been able to write. My brain wouldn't let me and either would my body.

I was diagnosed with Mono, but now I'm much better and hopefully will go back to school.

I'm sorry about killing Skell, but she was an important key in the story to get the rivalry of her and Zoey. She died and epic death, a psycho warriors death.

So what will happen to the other characters. We still have...
Silent Killer,

Who are you rooting for? Well you'll find out if they will live it not in the next chapter. Don't forget to vote &comment.

See yeah in the next life.

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