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Hannas mind was black. A dark world where no light shine.

Every second a knife would go through her body. Every minute the knifes would go in deeper. Driving a hole that lets a piece of her escape.

Hanna could no longer shift. When the knifes deepend her wolf shared her agony.

Silence was all that you could smell. And hear the muffling yells,along with the growls of every wolf.

Hanna grabed lillys hand and started pulling her towerds any nearby wall. "We'll jump over the walls so no one knows we left"

Hanna slowly whisperd as she touched the hard, cold wood.


Lilly answerd as hanna climbed over with ease. She jumped over to the other side and waited for lilly.

When lilly made it to the top, what was awaiting her took her breath away. Half the trees were giant flickering flames. Most wolves were on the ground not moving letting the wind take them away. While otheres fought like if it was the only thing they knew how to do.

"Come on" hanna whisperd drawing lilly away from the battle sean.
She jumped on over and stared hanna in the eyes

"Stop crying and lots go, your an alpha remeber" she told hanna.

Hanna touched her cheak and noticed her eyes were red and her checks were holding up a river of tears. Hanna didn't notice she was crying intell lilly told her.

Hanna said nothing. And that was the end of that. They both ran towerds the battle feild,becuse beyond the battle feild was there home.

They ran through the jungle of trees, as sticks scratched them. In the pitched dark world. But it didn't matter they kept on running.

Its like one of thoes moment when you just have to let your feet talk for you. The moon suddenly appeared shinning a little light so they can see there own feet.

Then something happend.

Time stoped, not a single breez blew.

Lilly dident see it and hanna couldn't sence it.

Clouds covered the moon keeping the light from shinning.


Okay okay okay i am very very sorry but this is short and a cliff hanger and just totally something that i have planed and hurried to as well. Because my phoned key bord dident work and now it does which im so happy.

And wishing it dosent happen again. But so yeah sorry and hang in there intell when i can

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