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Baby Christian 💕

There's not much to say really. It's been a year since Maddox and I were married. Julianna hasn't been found, but I'm not worried. Laban's economy is growing like crazy. I've been trying really hard to help the people.

We had a baby boy and I couldn't be happier! Maddox is whipped, he loves the boy so much. Maddox's mother is the best grandma ever, and a great nanny when I'm called away for Queen duty. I love my life, with my husband, with my family.

My mother and father have come to visit Christian a few times, but security in The castle since I was kidnapped has raised drastically, so it's more of a hassle than it's worth. Things have settle down and I'm becoming the queen I want to be.

I'm happy... And I'm glad I let my mother drag me to that stupid ball for the devilishly handsome, crowned prince's birthday.

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