Chapter Twenty Two

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The next day

It was morning when Amaterasu woke up despite going to bed a little after midnight. She had made breakfast and coffee for her cousins and Kohaku who were starting to wake up excluding Itachi who woke up a little after his little cousin.

"Why are you so happy?" Shisui asked looking at her. She was smiling and was up early. She placed plates on the table in front of them.

"Why are you smiling, mommy?"

"What? I can't smile or get up early?"

"No, unless you got something you really liked last night." Shisui smirked seeing her blush.

"Did Naruto give you coupons to Ichiraku's?"

"Yeah, about a years worth."

"Yeah! Ramen tonight!"

"Only when your off for lunch then I'll think about making it for dinner. Now take a shower and get dressed once your done eating." Amaterasu said eating a piece of toast. Once Kohaku was done she ran upstairs into her room, getting her clothes before heading to the bathroom in Amaterasu's room.

Once Ama heard her bedroom door being shut she sighed getting Kohaku's plate and washing it.


"I know your going to scold me about me going blind. Did you really think I wouldn't notice how you three were watching over me last night?"

"Why hide it?"

"I didn't want to worry any of you." She said turning back around facing the three men as she leans against the sink crossing her arms.

"When did you plan on telling us?" Sasuke questioned.

"I was going to tell you when I was close to losing my sight. I know it was stupid of me to think I would be able to hide it for long."

"You know what needs to be done now, right?"

"I know and I accept it."

Inside the Hokage's office

"What are you four doing here? It's rare to see all of you together in one place." Tsunade asked not looking up from reading a document. The four Hokages had stayed home on Tsunade's orders so she could do her job. The truth is that she just wanted to be by herself for awhile and drink sake.

"I just came here to tell you I can't go on any missions for a while."

"Why is that?" This time Tsunade looking up from her paperwork Shizune had gave her.


"She's going blind." Sasuke answered for her.

"I was going to tell her."

"You would've lied." She opened her mouth about retort but closed her mouth knowing it was true.

"You've been recklessly using the Sharingan, haven't you!"

"Meh, I bit."

"Your going blind! Idiot!"

"I can still see! They just don't want me to go on any missions! Yell at them!" Amaterasu pointed at her cousins.

"They're not going blind!"

"It's still in the early stages, I can still go on missions. Iwa and Kumo still need help with the camps. I was assigned on both missions last week."

"And I'm guessing you knew about your condition than as well."

"For.... Awhile..."

"How long is "for awhile"?"

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