2 - Kill a Dog for Her

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2 – Kill a Dog for Her

          As soon as Erwin got up from bed, I showed him an article in the web about the fourteen year-old boy the police officer attempted to molest before Erwin killed him.

          The boy allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself from an oak tree in the Rosings lot. His body was found last night by the police when they were patrolling the streets. Reports said that his name was Gavin Baldwin, a gasoline boy working to support himself and his two younger brothers. His mother was an alcoholic who abandoned them after the youngest sibling was born. There was a picture attached to the article and I immediately recognized the uniform he was wearing because I usually fill my tank in that station. Jesus, I might have seen this boy before.

          I waited for my housemate's reaction. He was still wearing the gray sweatshirt he wore last night when he went to a pub to drink. His hands were hidden in his pockets. Traces of a goodnight sleep was absent from him. His hair was disheveled but his eyes were wide and alert.

          Erwin walked near me. He bent down, rested his palms on his knees, and eyed the screen closely. His lips curled into a smile and chuckled.

          "It's Margoth's article," he murmured. He shifted the laptop for me to see it. His index finger pointed at her name below the title of the article. I was too absorbed with the news that I didn't notice it was written by Margoth.

          Erwin proceeded to the sink and washed his face. Although the police already declared case closed because of the suspect's suicide, I can't stop forming theories about what really happened. Why would the boy go back to that lot? And if he really wanted to commit suicide, why does it have to be in the same place where the murder took place?

          "If it's bothering you, yes I did it." I shifted my gaze to Erwin. Droplets of water were dripping from his straight face.

          Maybe there will always be something inside me that will associate Erwin from any crime I will come across. Partly because he's really a murderer and he's good at getting away with it. This city was peaceful and safe until a monster walking in a human form came to haunt it. Crazy it may seem but he loved being viewed as a villain and if I were to say it to his face that he's Halsworth's new big bad wolf, it'll boost his ego to death.

          "If the police found him he can prove his innocence. So I had to erase him before he can have the chance to free himself," Erwin shrugged and ran his left hand on his hair.

          He spoke like he had already forgotten who really killed the police. Then I realized what he once said about lying. In order to make them believe you, you have to believe the lie yourself. It's exactly what he's doing. He didn't forget, he really believes that the boy did the crime.

          "How did you do it?" I asked.

          Erwin put on his smug face, walked back to the dining table, and sat opposite me. He crossed his arms as he prepares himself for his grand tale.

          "Right after I killed the pedophile, I drove fast to catch the boy. He was scared and all so when I presented myself as a police, he believed me. I didn't even bother to show cards or IDs," Erwin laughed proudly at his escapade. "I told him if he'll go with me I will help him make a statement about what happened. Of course he ignored my offer because he didn't want to be bothered but then I showed him money and goddamn he changed his mind faster than light. Amazing how money can make wonders, right?"

          I unconsciously clenched my fists. Luckily they were sitting above my lap and hidden below the table. I wanted to knock his teeth off. I wanted to ruin that motherfucking smile that's been hinting something more than just being glad about his acts. I have been enduring his subtle approach of him being superior from me, from everyone.

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