Chapter One: The Date

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"No. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Get it?" I practically shouted at my best friend, Kate.

"Oh, come on, please, for me? This will be the last time, I swear!" She pleaded, kneeling and widening her sky blue eyes.

"That's what you said last time! For the millionth time, I WILL NOT GO ON THIS BLIND DATE!" I yelled and rolled my eyes at her little charade.

"Fine, if you don't do it, I'll tell your parents you ditched school last week." She stood up and crossed her petite arms, narrowing her eyes and cocking a hip.

"You wouldn't." I said in a low voice and also stood up.

"Try me."

"That's low. But good. UGH. Fine, I'll do it. But no more after this, okay? I can find a boyfriend by myself, thank you very much." I collapsed back down on my bed, my brownish-blackish hair fanning around me.

"YAY!" Kate squealed and made a few indistinguishable happy sounds.

"Ugh..." I groaned and smashed a pillow on my face. Kate was setting me up with blind dates ever since my boyfriend of 6 months, Trevor, broke up with me. I was WAY over him, but Kate's excuse was, 'You're missing your other half!' Personally, I was happy with sour patch kids and Nutella being 'my other half,' but Kate was not keen on the idea. This was probably my 20th blind date. Let's just say Kate didn't have a very good taste in guys. They were all either snobby, weird, creepy, or simply boring. None of them were funny, vibrant, or charming. And I wasn't expecting this mystery man to be.


"GURL, you are smoking!" Kate admired her work in the mirror. My hair was straightened and left loose. My hazel eyes had eyeshadow that brought out the gold flecks and eyeliner and mascara. And of course, a pink lip gloss. I was wearing a black lace dress that had two straps and ended a little bit above my knee. (Outfit on website in bio) 

"Eh, I could look worse. Now, can I just get this over with? By the way, this guy could be a creeper or a-" Kate cut my rant off.

"He is amazing! He is GORGEOUS and simply hilarious." She giggled and spun me around in the chair.

"Then why don't you date him?" I glared at her. This guy was probably as good-looking as the Joker and as funny as a piece of stale bread. I jumped up from the chair and gathered my phone, wallet, etc. Kate and I were neighbors, but basically live in each other's houses. I had some of my stuff in her house, she had some of her stuff in mine. But currently, my parents were away on a trip, so I was staying with Kate's family.

Kate rolled her eyes and simply said, "Because of Jeremy." Her eyes glazed over and a love-sick expression crossed her petite features. That 'lovesick' look made me get sick. 'Jeremy' was her boyfriend. They had been going out for a month.

"Hello?" I snapped her out of her daze as I slid on my ballet flats.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, and anyway, we did go out for a little bit, but I broke up with him because we just didn't connect." She told me and embraced me in a hug.

"Oh, yay, I get your leftovers." I cheered and slipped on my black leather jacket.  

She rolled her eyes yet again and I stepped outside with Kate trailing.

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