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B a y.

She woke up beside Harry. It was three A.M. in the morning. She didn't know if today was his day off but she hoped not. She couldn't remember the last time he'd taken off work, but she knew if she was stuck with him all day she'd be in trouble.

Her plan was slowly crumbling. All the ass-kissing she could kiss and nothing was changing. Harry's attitude still sour. From the looks of it Zayn wasn't coming back.

She climbs out of bed slowly, making sure not to wake him. Her socked feet make small padding noises as she makes her way down the stairs and to the back door. Her eyes trailed over the dark garden longingly. It's not fun to sit in the garden alone. She missed Zayn.

Checking behind her one last time, she quietly unlocks the door and slips through to the outside. As she sits on the edge of the patio, her bare legs quiver against the cold brick. It's dark out and it gives off an eerie feeling, but she chooses to ignore it because the flowers look just as beautiful in the dark as they do in the light.

A light clicking noise clicks behind her. She releases a sigh and squeezes her eyes shut as feet step onto the patio beside her. "Bay, why are you out?" Asks Harry. His tone was as dark as his attitude.

"Because I felt like it," she replies quietly.

He scoffs, "Because you felt like it? Bay, you're behavior is becoming worse and worse. You're testing me and I've just about had it." He grabs her arm, pulling her up to her feet gently. She huffs, letting him drag her back into the house.

He shuts the door and locks it. She pulls away from his grip and makes her way toward the kitchen. She pours herself a glass of milk, Harry hot on her heels. "Drink your milk and we're going to bed," he says.

She tips back her glass, rolling her eyes. As soon as the glass touches the countertop Harry picks her up and hauls her up the stairs. Once inside his room, he throws her onto his bed. She rolls onto her back, looking up at him innocently.

"One more time. One more time and I'll treat you like the submissive you're supposed to be, Bay!"

"I didn't do anything," she cries out. She sits up, scooting to the headboard of his bed.

"Rolling your eyes at me, breaking my rules, do you expect me to let you act out like this? One more wrong move, Bay, and you won't be walking for a week. I'm done arguing," he demands loudly.

Tears fill her eyes, "I'm not the problem here, you are."

He grabs her by her ankles and pulls her to the edge of the bed. He flips her onto her stomach, pushing at her back to hold her down. He pulls her silk pajama shorts down to her knees, smacking her cheek harshly. Her cries are muffled in the fabric of his comforter.

He continues spanking her relentlessly until all do his anger is drained from his body. By the last few spanks her body lay limply on the bed, her frustrated cries fading. He takes a deep breath, pulling her silk shorts back into place.

She stays in place, deciding that drowning in her own self-pity would be better than trying to roll over and hurt herself. Harry wipes the small amount of sweat from his head with his forearm. He rolls her over onto her back and she releases a small cry.

"I'm sorry, darling," he mutters breathlessly. He lays himself down, pulling her body up to his lazily. Her head lays on his chest, her arms strung over his body like spaghetti noodles.

Tears flow freely onto his chest and it almost makes him feel guilty. "I'm sorry, Bay. You had it coming," he whispers, kissing her forehead. She didn't reply.

She decided from now on she'd take this on from a different approach. She glances at the clock, it's almost six. Maybe Harry will have to go to work soon, she thinks before falling completely limp in his grip and snoring lightly.

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