Chapter 26

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I shuffle across the pieces of foam until my feet hit the cold, hard tiles. I pull myself off the foam and quickly run to the bathroom, leaving a trail of yellow paint all cross the ground.

I wash as much of it as I can off my hair, thanking God that I have brown hair because it's slightly easier to clean. If my hair was blonde I'd imagine the paint would stain my hair.

When I step out of the bathroom, Melissa walks over to me, a dress in her hand.

"Sam sent this. Said you should change."

I take one look at her. I can feel the tears building up but keeping my voice calm and level I tell her, "No thank you, tell Sam I don't need his help nor his pity."

With that I slam my office door, grabbing a bunch of tissues from my desk and begin wiping at the paint. My clothes completely ruined and beyond saving.

I exit and go to his new office, the one he's been using lately but he isn't there. When I turn around and walk down the staircase, everyone is staring at me, many who are giggling or smirking and some who are even passing remarks.

I wipe the tears that have finally escaped and storm off the the reception desk on level twelve.

"Where is Sam?"

The receptionist scans my clothes before replying with "He's in conference room two."

I turn and stomp off but I can hear the receptionist calling out to me.

"You can't go in, he is in a meeting."

I lift my eyebrows in her direction. "I'm really not in the mood."

She backs away when she notices how mad I am.

Placing my hand on the door handle to the conference room, I take a deep breath before swinging the door wide open.

I can see Sam sitting right at the front. Everyone immediately stops and turns my direction.

I storm up to Sam. "How dare you. Just because I work for you doesn't give you the right to do what you just did."

He lifts his hand up as if to stop me. He stands and turns to the others, and with a clean cut expression says "Leave."

Everyone hurries out, some scanning the paint all over my clothes before rushing out.

He sits back down again as if he is some kind of king.

"How could..."

"Uhh uhh," he cuts me off. "I believe I asked you whether I should let go of your hand or not."

"Yea but I didn't think you would've!" I scream.

"Well that's your problem," he says. "I'm a man of substance. I keep my word."

His smirk reappearing.

"Well then you can keep your job and your ego. I quit," I shout as loud as I can.

"You quit? You're that weak. It comes as a surprise."

"I'm not weak, understood." I point my finger at him almost shocking myself how I've become like this. "I won't go down without a fight."

He smiles. "But you kind of just did. You just quit, remember?"

I frown. "To hell with you, I ain't quitting."

"Oh, you're not. Hmm, that's interesting." He turns to face me. His expression serious. "You'll quit within two weeks and we both know it."

"I won't, that's my challenge."

"Well then let's turn it into a bet. I'll bring up a contract saying you'll work for me for two weeks no matter what happens and you complete every work I give you or else you'll owe me a quarter of a million dollars." He reaches his hand out. "Deal?"

I grab his hand and shake. "Deal."

He suggests with his hand the way out. "I'll call you in when the contract is made."

I storm off and back into my office. I grab my pencil holder and slam it against the floor, pens falling in all directions.

After about an hour i get called back into Sam's office.

There is a document on the table. He reaches over and hands me the pen. "Sign it."

I walk over and grab the document, scanning the paper before I take the lid off the pen and sign my name with the blue ink.

I slam the paper into his hand.

The corner of his mouth lifts in a smile. "Deal's done."

"Yes it is, but you'll never win in this life."

He tilts his head to the side. "We'll see."

With that  I turn around and walk back to my office, already taped to my computer screen on an A4 piece of paper is the tasks for the day. I grab it and peel it off the screen.

I'm not matter what.

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