Chapter Three - The Explanation

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Cole continued on like nothing was out of the ordinary.

"Well, not exactly like you. I'm a Fire. You must be a Mind. You communicate your ability through your brain while mine is mostly physical." He snapped his fingers and a single flame sprouted from the tip of his thumb. "Samuel said he felt the original burst of power five years ago, sound familiar?"

I wanted nothing more than to ignore what this guy was saying, figuring that he was playing some kind of joke on me, but his words rang in my mind. Five years ago was the car accident that ruined my entire family.

That day my mother died while I came out of it with only a few scratches. Everyone said it was a miracle because the car was hit at such an angle that made me be in the only safe spot in the car. I knew it wasn't some crazy coincidence but cast away the thought that I had made the car move because that's insane.

Or so I thought.

I must have had my emotions written all over my face because Cole smirked. "Remember now?" I didn't say anything so he chuckled under his breath at my stubbornness." Look, I have to be serious now. I'm not really here to go to some high school. I'm here to get you to training."

"What if I don't want any? What if I enjoy this high school?"

"Then you can stay here and die."

I froze and began breathing heavily. After all the joking today, Cole now has a serious look on his face.

"We're known as people with Supernatural Abilities and you're definitely not the only one. Once found by a Seeker, which is Samuel for this area, my fake father as you know him as, we send someone out to educate them, which is myself in this case. There are more of us and we're all training to survive. We're a dying species, Miss Buckley. We're being killed by Catchers, which are basically rogue supernaturals. They have these creepy pitch black eyes to tell them apart from us, not just the iris but the entire thing. They have powers but their brains only focus on killing rather than good. They're run by a single leader who changes them, makes them not know right from wrong but only to seek out and kill us. They're smart, cunning, and strong. Stay here and you'll die without any training."

The facts scared me, but I refused to believe it. While I hardly believe that I'm on some episode of Pranked, his words are nonsense. As much as I want to get away from this town, I need to finish high school. I need to graduate and move onto college so I can get a good job. If I've gone under the radar of this Seeker guy for so long, who's the say I can't stick it out with these catching things? That is, if they're even real.

Standing up a bit straighter to look bigger despite my short frame, I spoke in an even tone, "I kindly decline your offer."

He raised an eyebrow at me, "Oh?" I nodded, expecting him to fight me on it. "Okay then. Enjoy your life, Miss Buckley."

My eyes widened in surprise because I expected a much bigger fight from him considering how he was sent here to bring me back. "Really?" I asked in a disbelieving tone.

He shrugged and started walking away from me. "Can't force you, y'know. Goodbye, Miss Buckley. It was nice meeting you."

I watched as his tall figure disappeared through the trees and into the school. I stood there in utter confusion at all that went down in the last five minutes. Now, having time to process his words, the past four years now have made sense. All the weird things that I had cast off as unnatural puberty symptoms are now coming together. However, despite everything that has happened and I have seen I still almost didn't believe it.

Hesitantly, I raised my arm and pointed my hand at a fallen branch. Taking a deep breath and focusing all my energy into it just as I did the day of the crash, I slowly raised my arm and the branch followed along in the air. Never in my life have I tried to do something like this. I thought the car accident was some sort of freaky coincidence but then everything that Cole had said made sense. I am different. I'm not like Ryan or my father or anyone else in this school. I'm more like Cole.

Pulling my hand away, the branch dropped back onto the floor and I released the breath that I didn't realize I was holding in. Despite having abilities that I only realized today, I don't belong at that place Cole wanted me to go to. I've lived an almost normal life for seventeen years, there's no way I'm stopping that lifestyle now.

Straightening up, I pulled my backpack more onto my shoulders and headed off to class for the day. It went smoothly with no sign of Cole whatsoever. I guessed he just ditched the whole facade and went back to whatever life he was living before.

However, once lunch rolled around, I knew he wasn't leaving.

I should've figured that the 'goodbye' he gave me earlier was utter crap.

"Hey, Taylor!" Ryan called out as I approached our table. "This is Cole, he's new!"

I gave the fire boy a glare while I walked straight to the table in anger. Who was this guy thinking of when he decided to become buddy-buddy with my best friend?

"Already met," I deadpanned. "I gave him a tour this morning."

Ryan's eyebrows shot up. "Really? That's great! He's pretty cool, huh?"

I stared at Cole who leaned back and crossed his arms over his chest with a little smirk resting on his face.

"The coolest," I gritted my teeth together and threw my backpack onto my chair.

"God, what's up with you today?"

I continued eyeing Cole while I answered Ryan, "I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed."

Ryan snorted and went back to eating his pizza. "I'll say..." he mumbled under his breath and I sat down in defeat.

Lunch was quiet with the occasional chatters by Ryan. He kept asking Cole questions about his life before moving here and while he never noticed, I heard the minimal replies that would keep Ryan happy but not give anything away.

"Hey, I actually need to use the restroom," Cole said near the end while getting up. "Taylor, can you show me where to go and possibly take me to my next class?"

"I'm sure you can find it yourself--oof!" Ryan kicked me from under the table and I huffed out. "Fine, I'll show you."

I grudgingly got up and left the cafeteria with Cole following suit. I saw a few people, girls in particular, staring at him while we walked by. Our school was rather small so getting a new student was rare, especially one that is attractive. The girls here have been around the same guys since kindergarten so any new face was a blessing.

Once we were a safe distance away, I abruptly turned around and he almost ran into me. I looked up at him and said, "Look. I know you don't really need to pee, so what do you want?"

"Can we meet up tonight?" He asked and all anger left my face and was replaced with confusion. "I can show you what it's like to have your abilities and how to control them. It's pretty fun stuff."

While I didn't want to, the curiosity as to all that Cole could do really interested me. "Where and when?"

"Here, about ten o'clock. I have a key so we can easily get into the school."

"You have a key?"

He laughed and showed me one from out of his pocket. "Samuel has a way with words," he said mysteriously.


"My"--air quotations--"dad, remember? He's a Mind just like you so he's pretty capable at being influential." He paused and continued a few seconds later. "So you'll come?"

"Why not?" I gave him a little smile. "I want to see all that you can do."

"Okay, see you tonight, Miss Buckley," He said and headed away.

"You can just call me, Taylor!"

He turned around as he continued walking, giving me that smirk that I have seen more times than not. "Nah, I don't think so."


And chapter three is officially concluded!

Again, it's another small one but they're slowly start getting longer as there's more excitement going on. Thanks for everything you guys have done! I love each and every one of your comments and often find myself laughing at some of your guys' reactions :)

See you soon for chapter four!

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