November 10th, 2015 - Nine Years of Wattpad

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Wattpad turned nine years old on November 5th, 2015. Because of you, 150 million stories are shared to help connect people from around the world in over 50 languages. To celebrate nine years of storytelling with you, we asked our Ambassadors for their favorite memories:

First Story

"Jan 4th 2012 - the day I posted the first part of my first story. I had never attempted to write anything before and this saw the birth of a passion I didn't know existed."

"I was already reading for 3 months on Wattpad when, by mistake, I clicked on the Create button. I was so shocked I had that option that I closed the Chrome window. Opened it again and after studying the writing page for a few minutes, my first novel begun. That was three years ago. Or 26 works ago. Thousands of friends and hours spent in their company ago."

"The moment I discovered that the Wattpad mobile app (I had an old Blackberry back then) had an actual website. It solidified my love for writing and made me climb out of my shell. Being a lonely kid, I was overjoyed to make friends that WANTED to talk to me and who actually liked my work."

First Connections

"My moment was when I got my first vote. I couldn't believe someone was reading my work and liking it."

"I still remember the day I made an account and started exploring the website. Posting my stories and having thousands of strangers tell me they've enjoyed them and fallen in love with my characters is wonderful, but so is the opportunity to help other authors reach their Wattpad dreams by pointing them in the right direction."

"My most memorable moment was when I got my first critique via a book club. Nobody in real life knew I was writing and I'd never let anybody read any of my stuff before. That first comment told me my chapters were too long, plus a multitude of other things I was doing badly. It was great! It meant I could learn and improve."

"I started making trailers and was quickly rated one of the top trailer makers. Now, here I am acting as an Ambassador, something I had wished for time and again. And not long ago I reached over 1K followers. If I could, I would preserve all of these accomplishments in a personal album. Wattpad means more to me than I can say."

Most Touching Comments

"From @royalwaywardness: 'You are my idol . Not a celebrity, a model, actress, singer, etc. You are my idol. Because you managed to get out of bed everyday and continue on. You managed to write, to breathe, to simply be, and that, is inspirational.'"

"From @Mikhxlx02: 'When you die I know you are going to heaven because your writing has definitely touched me... I mean you have a way of making everything in your book a page turner, from a romance and drama in the first book, to mystery and more drama in the the second, it's just mind boggling. I just want you to know that I loovve you for making these books and I hope you thrive high in life.'"

"One of my readers posted: 'I just started reading your awesome piece, P.S I'm Pregnant, yesterday. I can't help but cry while reading it. It affects me so much and you're such an effective and great author. Job well done! I'm looking forward for your other works and hoping for the book 2 of Y'vos and Graciela love story. I'll support you always! God bless you and thanks for making us happy with your work. Keep it up!'"

"When a reader messaged me to say that my heroine in Identity Revealed, Amelia, inspired her to confront her own bullies and move through her depression."

"I had a reader connect the fact that my mother and daughter characters were trapped in different parallel worlds with her own separation from her daughter, who died as a teenager. It moved me to tears and reminded me that people are truly affected by the words we write. I never intended the symbolism that she attributed to it and I think that it was this comment that made me first realize our readers have more control over our stories than we could ever imagine. She took my story and gave it a very personal meaning. Her comment will make more sense if you know that the word "realm" is what I call parallel worlds, and the Fold is the conduit between the realms."

"When I thanked a reader for voting on a story and she responded by saying she was reading it while she was in labor with her first child! I was elated to be a part of her birthing experience!"

Happy birthday Wattpad! Here's to another year of stories we love!

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