Chapter Twenty Five

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Two weeks have passed since Amaterasu had gotten her three students. They were something special. Miroku had a mouth on him which kept him getting hit by his sensei whenever she thought it was needed. She had talked to all three families who had heard so much about. They went on and on about how Junso, Gensei and Miroku had talked about her making said boys blush in embarrassment.

Amaterasu was happy to hear that her students were saying good things about her despite her hard method of training. During the two weeks Junso, Gensei and Miroku have learned a lot from Amaterasu and they were greatful for having her as their sensei.

"I put your three through rough training for these past two weeks but it's only going to get rougher buring the next few months or so."

"Huh!? We take enough of a beating from your training!"

"What Miroku means to say: what are you going to do, sensei?" Junso asked looking at his raven haired sensei. He took notice how pale and tired she looked.

"Ah, I'm sending your three off to study with different sensei's in the village. You three need to brush up on your Taijutsu, genjutsu and ninjutsu. I'm also sending your three off to the hospital to learn medical ninjutsu."

"Why medical ninjutsu?"

"It's in case you three get put in different teams, that way they have a medic in case of an injury."

"Okay, so, who's going to be our senseis?"

"Might Guy and Rock Lee will be helping you in Taijutsu. Genjutsu, your sensei will be my cousin Itachi Uchiha, and for medical ninjutsu it will be Sakura Haruno who has surpassed lady Tsunade."

"How long will this take?"

"Three months."

"Three months?! Are you serious?!"

"Do you want it to be three weeks?" This made Miroku shut his mouth when his two teammates glared at him.

"I want to see how much you three have been learned by your new senseis in three months and you'll be fighting against me once the three months are up."

"We have to fight you?" Amaterasu nodded.

"Who will be training us first, sensei?"

"Ah, that's a good question. I didn't give much thought, so, you three can pick who you want to start off with. I suggest learning Taijutsu and medical ninjutsu first."

"What if we want to find some one with our chakra nature?"

"The three months are up to yourselves. If you finish your training with the people I named then I'll give you weeks extension for you three to train with who have the same chakra nature as you."

"Only a week?"

"A week. I have faith in you three." Amaterasu smiled at them.

"Now, who's hungry? I'm sure your all tired of eating ramen so how about eating at BBQ?"

"I'm in!"

"That's fine with me."

"Yeah, let's go."

"Not without Kohaku."


"Ama-chan!" Amaterasu looked around only to spot the Ino-Shika-Cho tag team along with Kurenai holding her four month old daughter Asuka.

"Hey, you guys." Amaterasu greeted with a smile as Kohaku ran passed her taking a seat next to Shikamaru.

"Looks like someone has an admirer." Ino teased her friend who glared at her but gave a smile to Kohaku.

"Big brother Shika!"

"She took a liking to you pretty quick, Shika." Amaterasu chuckled when he gave her a bored look as she took a seat next to Kurenai, Then the boys sat next to her.

"Done training already?"

"Yup, their going off on their own for awhile."

"By that she means three months. She's crazy." Miroku said taking some meat and eating it.


"I'm on it."

"On wha- ow! Gensei! I could've chocked!" Miroku yelled glaring at his friend sitting next to him. Gensei shrugged.

"Don't blame me. You're the one who can't keep his mouth shut."

"Their in high spirits, I see." Kurenai smiled as Asuka giggled at the boys banter.

"Hm. Their always like this. It's refreshing." Amaterasu said before ordering more food for everyone and green tea for herself and her students.

"How are you feeling, Ama? You look more pale then you were two weeks ago." Kurenai said in a hushed tone. Amaterasu sighed leaning back looking at the red eyed woman giving her a tired smile.

"I'm just tired. It doesn't help that I can't make out people like I use too."

"You've been using your Sharingan, haven't you?"

"No, but it can't be helped. I'll lose my sight soon."

"Amaterasu, consider their offer. Please. I don't like seeing you looking you like this." Ah, yes. How can she forget. Tsunade wants to transplant Reiden's eyes into her but Amaterasu only turns down the offer everytime it's brought up.

"I'll tell lady Tsunade that I'll do the surgery." She said. She hated seeing people worry about her. It was still somewhat new to her. Kurenai smiled passing Asuka to her. Amaterasu took the baby into her arms, Asuka grabbed a handful of Amaterasu's hair making gurgling nosies as she laughed playing with her hair.

"I miss having a baby." Amaterasu pouted but started making faces at Asuka who laughed.

"What about me!?" Kohaku pouted looking at her mother.

"Your still my baby, Haku."


"Your spending too much time at the compound."

"Don't worry about it, Ama-chan. I know you and lord Tobirama will be having kids pretty soon~!" Ino teased the Uchiha woman making her blush bright red.

"I-Ino! There are kids here!"

"Yeah! We don't want to hear what this crazy woman does with lord Tobirama!"

"Shut up, Miroku!" Amaterasu froze in her place feeling eyes burning at the back of her head.

"Do you have any idea what you just did?!" Amaterasu hissed out which made Asuka pull on her hair. She let out sigh giving her back to Kurenai.


"Ino." Amaterasu warned.

"They're jealous because you got the the stoic yet handsome Senju, not to mention he is the second Hokage."

"That doesn't mean I want them planing my death in their head."

"Lord Tobirama won't let anything happen to you."

"Choji's right. Don't forget Kushina has taken a liking to you."

"I can take care of myself, you know." Amaterasu pouted taking a bite of her food.

"We know."

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