Chapter 28

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When a sudden bump jolts my eye open, I notice I'm in a car. Not any car, Sam's lime green Lamborghini.

The rough road below forces the car to jump again. I close my eyes when Sam turns his face my direction. I pretend I'm still asleep, or fainted, or whatever I'm supposed to be.

I slowly peak from the corner of my eye and I notice Sam looks distressed, his hand reaching for his eye and I'm pretty sure he wipes a tear away.

The car stops in front of my apartment. I close my eyes and stay still.

I hear the Sam's door open and his feet hitting the ground. After a few seconds my door opens. I stay extremely still, I want to feel Sam's touch even if it's for the last time.

I'm angry at him, for everything he's done but I've hurt him too and a lot. I can't deny that. Though too much has happened. We can't go back.

Sam puts an arm under my head and another arm under my leg, and lifts me up to his body.

I peak an eye open, his face expressionless. When he reaches my apartment, he uses his elbow to knock on the door.

I close my eyes when I hear footsteps on the other side of the door. It's probably Bianca.

I hear the door open.

"Omg Vi," Bianca says. "What happened to her?"

When I take a peak, I notice Sam pushes through the door and Bianca and storms in. Bianca runs after him.

"What happened?"

He places me gently on the bed, brushing my hair away from my face. It's a small gesture but I feel weak, almost like I want to open my eyes and wrap my arms around him.

He sit on the bed and pulls my shoes off and then my socks. He takes my jacket off and pulls the blanket up to my neck.

Bianca storms in. "What the hell?"

I slowly open my eyes to see what happens.

When he tries to leave, Bianca slams her hand against the door and blocks his way.

"I don't think so. You're not going anywhere until you tell me what's happened to her," her voice raising.

He grabs her hand and so easily moves it out of his way that it leaves Bianca shocked.

He storms off, I hear a few words being passed between them but I can't make sense of it.

Soon he walks back in, Bianca right behind him and then there's a guy with a stethoscope.

"Doctor, I need to make sure she's okay," Sam says pointing at me. I close my eyes when his hand lands my direction.

Shit the doctor for sure will know I've come around.

The doctor asks them to step outside.

After a few minutes they step back in and the doctor informs them that there's nothing to worry about.

The doctor leaves and Bianca turns to Sam. "I'm sorry I screamed, thanks for bringing the doctor."

He nods like he understands.

"Though I'm still angry. You supposably care about this girl yet you don't think twice about hurting her."

"She hurt me too," he says.

"So it's revenge. That's what it is."

"I don't even know anymore. I'm sorry. What I did was wrong."

I stare at Bianca whose eyes have almost popped out of their sockets. The Sam Anderson has apologised.

I remember once Bianca read me an article that said Sam Anderson had never used that word in his life and when he was asked why not, he replied that he did everything he could to never make a mistake to begin with.

Bianca points to the door, "just leave."

He turns to face me forcing me to close my eyes. The next thing I feel is his lips on my forehead as he kisses me goodbye.

Suddenly I feel his lips near my ears. "I don't know how or when but I love you."

Soon after I hear the front door leave and Bianca begins rubbing my head. "Get well soon Vi."

I don't want to tell B I heard everything so I pretend like I'm out of it.

After a few hours when I realise that I've dozed
off, I get off bed and head to the living room.
B turns to notice me and jumps off the couch, running at high speed and then throws her arms around me.

"Thank god you're okay. Had me worried there for a while."

He grabs my hand and pulls me to the couch.

"How you feeling?"

"Good," I say though it's a lie. Sam told me he loved me, I need to speak to him. Solve whatever is happening between us.

"Okay that's good. Tomorrow morning you're going to go to that Sam Anderson and tell him you quit. He is so different to what I thought, can't believe I had a crush on him."

"I can't quit, I signed the contract," I say.

Her faces turns red. "Screw the contract Vi, your life is more important. What if something had happened?"

I can tell she's genuinely concerned and I'm thankful to have a friend like her in my life. I squeeze her hand. "I'll quit tomorrow."

Though I know I'll never pay him off, I don't have a quarter of a million dollars.

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