[24] Time to die?

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"We need to find Rex before anyone else does." Die insists to Silent.

"I know, needles is still out there though." He says nervously.

"Yes, but it doesn't matter I need to find him." She said with determination.

"What are you willing to do for him?" Silent gave her a serious look.

She looked into his eyes. "To survive I must become one." That was her mantra since she entered this school and she was willing to do anything to save Rex.


Luna came upon Needles who happily joined up with her. He embraced her in his arms. "I'm so glad that you're alive." He whispers in her ear.

"I'm glad you are on my side." She smiles as they step back and look at each other.

Needles only looked at her with pure and true love while she looked at him as an advantage in this game.

"So what's the plan?" She asks looking at her new partner for guidance.

"I'm going after the twins, want to join?" He chuckles darkly.

"I've been wanting to get revenge on Key, is he still alive?" She asks biting her bottom lip till it bleeds. She licked the blood enjoying the iron taste.

"Yeah, he killed his brother Chuckles. So I got the twins and you get Key and we'll me back up at the school?" He asks as they set their plan.

"It's a plan." She kissed his cheek before walking away with her knife and cross bow.

His cheeks turn bright pink as he headed out to kill the twins. "Time to die." He smirked feeling so clever.


"We've been going around in circles." Die whines as they continued to look for any sign of life.

"No we haven't." Silent insists.

"Then why does that tree look familiar?" She points at a random tree.

"They all look the same Die." Silent growls. They at least came upon a batch of weapons. Die took a dagger and Silent grabbed a double bladed axe.

"My point exactly." She says with a satisfyed smile.

"No it...Hey do you smell that?" He began to sniff the air for the stench.

"Yeah, smells like death." She says darkly. They nodded and followed the scent.

That's when they saw it. Tick and Tock hanging from a tree by wires they were positioned at 6:00. Tick being at 12 and Tock at 6. Then a message written in their blood.

'Times up.'

"We need to find Rex now." Die began to run while Silent looked at them.

"Someone else is here, but who?" He asks himself.


Luna came upon Keys body. "Son of a bìtch, who killed you?" She growled.

"I did." A females voice said behind her.

"Bìtch." Luna cut her but froze when she saw her. "Who are you?"

She smirked darkly. "Your worst nightmare."

Hey everyone, sorry for the wait. I've been really busy with school and life. I'm still recovering for being sick and it's been hard trying to write this story. Especially since I know what's going to happen.

I've also been working on a story with my friend M.L.Gates. She is an amazing writer and an even better friend.

So please comment, vote or even follow me. I will reply to any comment and criticism is very well appreciated.

Stay sane my friends and don't get killed by any psycho's.

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