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a/n: please feel free to throw the brick at me now, I deserve it, I know. but pleaseeeee forgive me for taking forever to update. I've been busy with school and life and I've been so stressed about literally everything. Lots of things have happened: my aunt got remarried, I went to New York for the first time, I got hired for my first job, a close family friend passed away very suddenly, and my boyfriend (I guess?) ended things with me, so I really haven't had the energy to do ANYTHING. but I promised an update and HERE IT IS. I hope I make up for making you guys wait ( for literally ever) with this chapter! ❤️

By the way, guys, thank you so, so, so much for all your support on this story, for pushing me to finish and to keep writing. And a HUGE thank you to those who comment and fangirl and vote, because seriously, it makes me so happy that people actually enjoy reading my writing.

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I asked him to stay and watch movies with me until the rain finally stopped, and although it already had, I wanted to keep his company a little while longer.

          "Hey," he said quietly, nudging my arm with his elbow, "What are you thinking about?"

          I smiled up at him and shrugged. "Us."

          He offered me a lopsided smile and wrapped his arm around me, his warmth engulfing me whole. "You know what? Let's go on that official date we missed out on the other night."

          "Okay," I replied, smiling in content. "As long as you tell me where we're going."

          "No can do, babe," he said, placing a kiss my forehead.

          I didn't even bother arguing because sitting here, watching movies on a cold, muggy day, talking and just being with my Logan, I was the happiest girl in the world.

Chapter Forty-Two

I really should've told Logan about my past earlier.

Not only was there a huge weight off my shoulders, but it had brought us closer as a couple than ever before. There was an unbreakable trust between us, knowing that everything had been revealed and there were no more secrets holding either of us back.

There was still the mystery of the disappearance of Logan's father, but I knew enough to understand that he simply wasn't in the picture anymore. However, just as Logan had to wait so long to learn about my past, I was willing to wait until he was ready to tell me about his.

The only thing that was left for us to do was tell the world (aka, Kacey) that we were a couple, and Faith made it pretty clear how she felt about the situation.

"I'm just saying," she started, "Everyone has been waiting for you guys to date." Her voice carried through clearly from the other end of the phone. "And now that you are, you're hiding it."

"Okay, right, but I value my life, and I'd very much like to continue living it."

I hoped she could sense the pointed look I was giving the ceiling.

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