Chapter 32

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When the morning arrives, a knock on the door jolts me awake.

"Sam dear, open the door. I've bought breakfast."

Crap it's his mother. I look over at the couch and Sam's still asleep.

I pull at the sheets, I'm practically wearing nothing.

I grab one of the pillows and throw it at Sam. He moves his head but is still asleep.

Clare knocks on the door again. "Sam, are you there?"

Having no choice. I get off the bed and hurry over to Sam, shaking his shoulder.

His eyes open. "Good morning, gorgeous."

"Now is not the time, your mum is outside the door." I look at the door again when Clare knocks for the third time. "Hurry, oh my god! She can't see you sleeping on the couch," I whisper.

He smiles. "Relax, I got it handled."

He grabs the blanket off the couch and the pillow and moves it to the bed.

"You guys there?" Clare shouts through the door.

Sam hops into bed, patting the side for me to get in.

I frown and get into the bed with him.

He grabs my body and ushers it to his side, wrapping his arm around my body.

"Come in, mum."

Clare walks in, a huge smile on her face when she sees us snuggling against each other. She places the tray of toast and porridge with tea on the side table.

"Brought you breakfast," she says with a huge grin. "I'll get out of the way and I'll see you downstairs."

She walks out and pulls the door close.

"You look cute with the purple coloured underwear," Sam whispers into my ear.

Shocked, I turn to face him as I pull the blanket up to my neck trying to hide my body and underwear.

"It's not purple, it's lavender," I say through gritted teeth.

"It's still quite cute."

I try to get of bed but I feel Sam's hand on my back, his skin warm against mine. He grabs for my thigh and pulls until I'm on top of him.
He wraps his arm around my back and twists to move on top of me.

"Hey!" I protest trying to wiggle out from underneath him.

He leans into my ear, his chest pressing against mine. "You look sexy," he says. "...and kinda cute."

"Let go of me," I say attempting to free myself.

He grabs my left hand and places it on his chest. I can feel his abs underneath my hand and all I want to do is run my hand up and down his body but I don't.

He bites the corner of my ear and whispers "my sister in law can see us through the garden door."

I freeze. He gently places a hand on my chin and tilts it to the glass door by his wardrobe which leads to the garden and there in the garden is his sister in law.

"This is gross! She can see and you're romancing me. Things like these should happen behind a closed door," I say.

He laughs. "Are you suggesting we should do this behind a closed door?"

I shake my head no. "Of course not!"

He quickly kisses my lip before I can say anything and hops off the bed, he grabs a shirt and pulls it over his body. He then grabs a silk robe and hands it to me. "So you don't have to get out of bed feeling naked."

I thank him and take it. The rob sits mid thigh and Sam whistles when I walk over to the bathroom forcing me to turn and give him a dirty look.


Downstairs everyone is talking and laughing as Sam and I walk in. My hand in his.

Sophia, Daniel's wife walks over and sits next to me. "So how did you meet Sam?"

I turn to face Sam, watching his expression carefully. "You know, same old same old."

Sam's mum jumps up in joy. "No, you must tell us?"

I look Sam in the eye. This is one mess I ain't getting into. "Sam will tell you all."

He smiles. "Well, Violet got a job at my office. She was the clumsy girl, knocking everything over, making a mess of everything..."

I cut him off. "No I wasn't."

"You dropped about three or so vases since working at my office."

"Okay but that's about it," I say rolling my eyes.

"You fell trying to wear heels," he says with mischief in his eyes. "In fact I had to help you up several times and even supply you with new shoes two times to help you out."

"Fine, okay."

"Anyways where was I..."

I cut him off again before he humiliates me any further. "Then we had a party and Sam got really drunk, he kept throwing himself at me."

"Oh my god! Sam, what on earth were you doing getting drunk?" Clare says.

I expect Sam to get mad about me making up things but he smiles my way. "Well it worked, didn't it. I got the girl after all."

"Then he was wasted to go home alone so I had to drop him off," I say as I watch Sam carefully. "The next day he came to my place begging me to date him."

Sam lifts an eyebrow my direction.

"You did what?" Daniel says. "This I wished I had saw."

I'm waiting for him to say something or to snap but he doesn't. Sam walks over and places a kiss on my cheek, grabbing my legs and pulling them to himself. "Say all you want, I think it's cute," he whispers into my ear.

I frown at not succeeding to embarrass him.

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