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With a small scrape, a piece of paper slid across table from his right and stopped abruptly upon having collided with the edge of his textbook. He unfolded it carefully and with ease, he was skilled in passing notes due to the fact that James always found something in his mind that was so important during class that he needed to show Remus.

When he opened it, he instantly recognized Freya's neat, curly handwriting spread across the top of the paper.

What kind of person is you know who looking for?

Remus's eyebrows furrowed when he read this, but quickly contracted back to their normal position when he realized that 'you know who' was in fact, Sirius Black. This was the last thing Remus wanted to talk about at the moment. Sure, Transfiguration wasn't his favorite subject, but still. He decided to scribble a few words that would hopefully delay the conversation until the end of class onto the note.

I haven't a clue who you're talking about.

He folded the paper before sliding it to his right and then focused back on the second paragraph of page thirty-seven. To his disappointment, the folded page arrived next to him once again.

Remus, you know who.

I'm afraid I don't.

Tall dark mysterious ;)

That could be a lot of people.

He practically chucked the paper back at the blonde this time. She skimmed the note quickly before looking at him with wide eyes and nodding her head to Sirius, who at at the table in front of them next to James. Mcgonagall stood right in front of the two boys' desks and fussed over them.

Remus sighed before he snatched the paper back, dipped his quill in ink and began to write. He felt Freya staring at him for a response while she chewed anxiously on her chewing gum.

I'm not encouraging this.

Why not?

Because, you'll only end up hurt.

As much as I love your over protectiveness, could you STOP FOR ONCE x

Her hand hovered over what she had written for a few moments, debating on whether or not to smudge the small 'x' away with her thumb. However, Freya had no chance to maneuver the note back across the table to Remus because Mcgonagall had stopped fussing at their two friends and her eyes connected with the note in the girl's hand.

Within seconds, the parchment had flewn from Freya's grasp and into the teacher's instead. Remus gulped as he watched the older woman's eyes scan across the page several times. They even seemed to widen after what looked like the third time through.

"You two," she stated breathlessly, "will stay with me after class is dismissed."

Freya's eyebrows furrowed. What had they done? They'd been caught passing notes numerous amounts of times. Peter had accidentally caught one on fire once and that hadn't even resulted in so much as a detention.

She wasn't the only one confused. Sirius and James had turned around to face them with their eyebrows raised. "What the hell did you write on there?" Peter mouthed from across the room where he sat beside Mary. Lily simply stared at the two with a look of disapproval.

Class seemed to drag by slower than ever as the two students wondered what would happen after it was dismissed. Finally, the bell sounded for them to leave and they sat still in their seats as everyone filed out as fast as possible. Sirius hesitated at the door, sent Remus a look of curiosity, then decided to walk out after James.

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