[25] Revenge is a Dish best served Cold

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Needles was beyond pissed. "They killed her!" He shouted angrily. "They took all that I loved and ripped it to shreds." He growled as he paced back and forth. "Now I'm going to take everything she loves and rip it to shreds." He smirked darkly and began his journey to tear her appart.


"Rex, where are you!" Die yelled out panicking now. She couldn't handle it any longer she needed to be with Rex.

"Die, shush." Silent cupped her mouth. "Needles and the others are still out there." Tears streamed down her face as she thought of what might happen to him.

"Die!" A horse voice called out.

"Rex!" She yelled out and ran to the voice.

She found him on the ground with a knife stabbed bear his heart, but just missed. She kneeled down next to him just happy to see him again.

"You're alive." She put her hand on his cheek.

"Not for much longer, Needles is going to kill you. Run Die, Run." He says in a panic when Silent jumps in front of her and gets tangled up in wire that is slowly cutting him.

"Silent." Die cries out. As Needles walks into the light.

"You took my heart and now I take yours." He gave her a very dark smirk.

"What are you talking about?" She asks confused.

"Luna, you killed Luna!" He screamed out angrily.

"I didn't kill anyone." She says with a sad look on her face. "I'm sorry about Luna but I didn't do it."

"Yes you did. You're a secret monster and now I'm gonna tear you apart." He laughed hysterically as he pulled out Luna's cross bow.

"No!" Rex moved in front of Die getting shot in the gut making him fall back down.

"No!" Die cried out as she tried to stop the bleeding.

His hand touched her cheek softly. "I will always love you." He smiled at her as his eyes began to shut and his hand fell to the ground. Rex was no more.

Hey, intense chapter but next chapter is worse. Also who is the mystery person who killed Luna? And yes Needles was in love with Luna since Luna is that awesome. I'm so sorry she had to die but she at least went out with an epic fight.

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Luna was a great killer, but this is a kill or be killed world. Death is among us.

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