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Klaus's grip on me only tightens when we make it into the hallway. His pace is too fast for me to keep up with since my magic is refusing to heal me at its normal speed.

Klaus seems to notice, "Why are you not healing?"

"I'm not sure," I sigh, "I don't think my magic is very happy with me at the moment."

I can feel it working slowly, letting the pain of my wounds torture me a bit. I am healing, just not at the pace that I normally do.

Klaus pauses our strides to give me a break. Rebekah has been trailing from a distance with a satisfied smirk resting on her lips. I know she's mocking my weaknesses—I'm not clueless to that fact, but it has just caused my own mood to go from understanding to annoyance really quick. She doesn't seem to care either way.

"Both of you, stop." Klaus dictates as our glares become more noticeable.

"Then come on with it, Nik," she complains, "No more games."

He huffs, "What do you suggest I do, Rebekah? Let her go another round with your temper? Kill her myself?"

The beautiful vampire that once had been my best friend and sister glances over at me. I don't bother rectifying my appearance as it would do no good to pretend that I feel exactly fine.

The truth is, this whole situation is far from fine at all. Klaus still holds a tight grip to my arm, but I think he's actually helping me by holding most of my weight, so I don't have to put pressure on my ankle. It's stuff like that—him showing compassion towards me—is what is wrong with this picture. He either hates me or doesn't. It's taking everything in me to not scream at him right now to pick one.

And Rebekah. She's made it clear that she will not be forgiving me any time soon, which is totally understandable in my eyes. But, as she looks into my eyes in this second, I watch them soften a bit, just as Klaus's had in the gym.

Her voice comes out as a whisper, so quiet that I almost don't catch it. "No, don't kill her."

I'm surprised when Klaus releases a breath of relief. In the next second, he swoops me up bridal style, and walks us into an open nearby classroom. Looking around, he sets my body on top of a student desk, then takes a few steps backwards, hesitantly.

I sit up the best I can on the slanted surface, but I am thankful nonetheless for the chance to rest my ankle. My neck has stopped bleeding so hopefully that means my magic has had a change of heart.

I feel defenseless under their watchful eyes. The anger is gone in both of their expressions, but I've learned that Klaus can be quite unpredictable when we wants to be, so I stay on guard.

"This is where you explain yourself, Clara." Rebekah says, breaking the silence.

I take in a deep breath. I don't know what to say. I guess the more important thing is that I don't know what they want to hear.

"I thought leaving would have created a better life for you all." My voice is barely a whisper, "You don't have to understand-"

A look of distaste quickly forms on Klaus's face at my choice of words, "You keep saying that, but you never explain yourself."

"It's not anything I can explain, Niklaus. You were meant to move on without me and be happy on your own."

"Were we not happy? Were we not living the perfect life up until the end? We could have moved on together, Claramay. You had no right taking away that option from us."

"Oh, but I did, Nik, and I would do it again if it meant protecting you from myself."

"What is that supposed to mean?!"

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