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"Dino come on your gonna be late for kindergarten." Die yelled out her son.

The little black haired boy ran down the stairs in his batman pj's and his superman back pack. "Ready." He smiled up at her with a missing front tooth that was growing in.

"Alright batman now lets get you dressed first." She scooped him up in her arms and brought him back to his room. She dressed him in jeans, red shoes and a red sweater. "There you are ready to take on school, now lets go before mommy is late to work." She held his hand as they went to the car.

In the car Die could still remember Dino's father, how free he was and how much she loved him. And then the thoughts of her sister and what had happened 3 years ago when Dino was only 2. She had killed her sister ridding the world of such an evil person. The darkness inside her hasn't come back since that day and never will.

She parked her car in front of his elementary school. And walked him to his class. "How a good day my dinosaur." She kissed the top of his head as he hugged her. She watched him go inside before we went to work.

"Morning." She walked into the small office and sat down next to Silent.

"How's my favorite nephew?" He asks with a smile. He had changed as well and began to take responsibility for Dino as an uncle. She was thankful for his support and love.

"He's going to kindergarten now. He's grown up so fast on me, next thing I know he's in high school with a girlfriend." She groaned.

"Hey he's still a kid so make the best of it." He suggests.

"Will do Si will do." She smiled. They did their work as coding software. They learned a bit when they went to college in the real world. Now they work for a small software company and live good lives.

'I think going through that taught me you have a choice in this life to be good or bad I just choice my own path.' She thought happily. Their lives were free and peaceful as they had always hoped.

Or are they? Is there something creeping in the dark still to strike? For she is Psychopath.

The End. I was going to make a squeal when she beat her sister. But I decided against it. It's been so fun to write this and thank you for all your character suggests they were awesome.

I would like to thank all of you for reading, commenting and voting. It really helped me write I'm sorry about the long pause but I got really sick.

Tell me what you thought of this story and if you would like another one like this one. Thank you my psycho's.

P.s. Dino is said De-no.

Stay insane my good friends, because truly we are all crazy and there is nothing wrong with that.

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