Chapter Seven: Evil Within

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 Hi everyone, here is chapter seven. It's short but I wanted to post something. The preparation is done, from now on it's going to get interesting. I know this chapter is confusing so ask any question for clarification. I will edit when I have time. I might also post chapter eight this week. Thanks.



Jebidiah POV Maybe?

Something dark was growing in my heart. I tried to fight it but it was so strong. How could it be this strong? I felt alone and scare. I couldn’t feel my wolf presence. I focused on the person in front of me. It was her, the Beta’s youngest daughter.

What was her name again? I thought but it didn’t matter because right now the emotion I was feeling towards her was overwhelming. I despise her with everything in me. I could feel it in my soul and bones. I wanted to see her hurt. I wanted to see her be destroyed. Humiliated! Mocked! Shamed! And an excited feeling inside told me I should be the one to do it. I wanted to cause her unbelievable pain. How should I do it? I thought. I wanted it to be gut reaching painful to the point she would never recover.

So how should I do it? I wondered to myself. Should I skin her? Rip her eyes out? Yes, maybe I should rip them out; those eyes, those disgusting eyes that look at me with fear and tears.

Or maybe I should rip those lips that tremble with sadness. She was so pathetic and I couldn’t wait to see her in pain. Or I could chain her to a wall and claw all over her sickly yellowish skin.

They were so sickening to my eyes. And that smell, I wanted to puke my guts out from just smelling it. But I felt none of those things in my head was sinister enough. And it frustrated me to no end.

How could I cause her eternal pain? How could I leave her dead, broken and destroyed? I stood up and looked around as if looking for inspiration. I saw the disgust in the pack members and outside pack’s eyes and it excited me.

I looked back down at the thing, ugh, what was it name again? I couldn’t care less. Then I looked up again at the werewolves gather in the room. They all had sinister and feral look in their eyes and I loved it.

I looked at the window and saw Arion looking outside completely uninterested in what was happening. I frowned. He was so difficult to control. I wonder… than it hit me. I finally got my inspiration. I was going to enjoy every minute of it. It would be the prelude to the suffering that’s to come for them. But for now, I was going to destroy her. And I would have fun doing it. I opened my mouth to end her; as if sensing what I was going to do the filth tried to stop me. God I hated her; all pure and incorruptible. I can’t believe they send her. Please, like she could stop me!

“Please don’t,” they both said together. It started him and he almost pushed to the surface. I did say almost. I smirk excitedly and also angry that they spoke. Their voice sounded like nails crawling on a chalk board. I hated the sound of it. She was just making it hard on herself by talking.

The filth try to reach out and touch me, I pull away from her than I felt a tug on my mind. Really? She thinks it’s that easy? After millenniums, eons, she thought it would be that easy. Well then, I better show her a fraction of what I would be capable of.

“Please don’t Jebidiah. You don’t know what you are doing,” She cried with her crocodile tears. I hated it as well. I basically hated everything about her. I felt the tug on my mind again but it didn’t have any affect accept to annoy me. She thought she could awaken the boy. But it was too late, billions of years too late. Oh I will gave him back, but only when the damage is done. He already freed me so I had no use of him anymore. Besides, I want to see him suffer as well. How evil would I be if I didn’t see my savior completely ruin?

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