5 - Kill Her Brother

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5 – Kill Her Brother

          I woke up feeling like Atlas who finally had the earth off his shoulder. I don't usually sleep that long. Hell, I don't even sleep. My work and too much caffeine made it impossible for me to get a trip to dreamland. But of course Erwin was the main reason. It's hard sleeping in a room that is next to a psycho. I don't know when he's gonna go bat-shit crazy so I have to be alert all the time. I can only be at peace when he's not around. Like when he decides to go out for a drink or to slit some throat.

          I haven't seen Erwin since last night. Margoth was able to convince Jack to leave Erwin alone and go inside the house. Erwin started his engine and drove somewhere I don't know. Seriously, I was just too happy to care. I didn't actually expect him to do nothing. He could've had swayed Margoth to his side with his words but he just stayed there looking at that Watson boy probably choosing the best way to end his life. I don't believe he never saw it coming. Margoth already mentioned she has best friend named Jack Watson. Maybe Erwin didn't expect him to show up to the party. Nevertheless, Jack Watson already blabbed the truth about him before he could even shut him up.

          I had the time of my life last night. I got drunk, smoked some weeds, danced like a madman, and made out with some girls. Ever since Elizabeth died I've already forgotten how to have fun. I drowned myself with work instead of destroying my life with alcohol, drugs, or girls. No matter what I do anyway at the end of the day I could still picture her lying dead.

          I checked my phone for possible messages from clients. There were many of them but nothing pulled my attention from the seven missed calls from Jane Gregory. I called her to make sure she's okay. What if her son, out of frustration, vented on her?

          "Are you okay?" I immediately asked right after she accepted my call.

          "Yeah I'm fine. I was just calling last night to let you know Erwin's here so you don't need to worry about him not going home there."

          So he went home. I had to stop myself from laughing because damn it's so unlikely of him. Erwin Gregory cowering behind his mother's skirt? Jesus, this day keeps on getting better.

          I was about to end the call when Jane spoke again. "And Oliver, I think he's getting better."

          I don't want to give her false hope by agreeing to what she just said. I, too, hoped that her son will change but every passing day makes it easier for me to lose that hope. Erwin's never going to change. I guess there are just people who are naturally born evil.

          I ended the call without saying goodbye and proceeded to prepare for school. For the first time in my life I am looking forward to attending classes.

          I don't know why I picked up Margoth from their residence, maybe because of this feeling that I am once again invincible because Erwin could be anywhere but Halsworth. I want to know what she's been thinking since last night. I want to know the things her best friend revealed to her. I want to be there the moment she realized she's attracted to a psychopath.

          "Can we just..." I glanced at her. She seemed very distraught. She can't even finish her sentence.

          I waited for her to speak again but she didn't. Her eyes were closed while her head was leaning on the window.

          "I don't wanna go to school," she finally blurted out.

          "But I thought there was a quiz—"

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