Chapter Eight: Lullaby

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Hi Every, here is chapter eight. A lot happened in this chapter so if you are confuse, leave a message. Please don't hate me! I plained this long time ago. *Smiles nervously.* As I promised, this chapter is long. It's to make up for chapter 7. This chapter is not edited at all but I might do it this weekend. THANKS,



“Please let me take you, out of the darkness and into the light, cause I have faith in you, that you’re gonna make it through another night. Stop thinking about the easy way out there’s no need to go and blow the candle out, because you’re not done. You’re far too young and the best is yet to come. So just give it one more try to a lullaby.” Nickleback


I was lying down on something soft and fluffy; it felt too good so I continue to lie there with my eyes closed. I felt at peace, like nothing could touch me. There was no pain, no hate, no sorry, just a blissful calm. The warm sun bathed on my face warming up every pore within my body. I was wearing a white dress that came to my knees with nothing on my feet but it didn’t bother me because I loved the softness under my feet.

I slowly opened my eyes, looking up at the golden fire in the sky. Warm light covered the atmosphere while the ground was covered in green and smooth grass. I rubbed my hands on the grass to feel the smoothness enjoying the sensation of the plant tickling me. Slowly and with no hurry, I got up still rubbing my hands on the lush softness. With a grace of a cat, I stood up to admire the scenery. 

On my right hand side was a beautiful waterfall cascading gracefully down the steep hill reacting to the sunlight, creating beautiful colors like a mini rainbow. The smell of lilac filled the air creating a pleasant and wonderful dream. It was probably a dream but I was not in a hurry to wake up.

I stretched out my hands and spun around, laughing joyously without care in the world. The wind lifted the water fall in the air splashing some clean liquid my way as the sweet smelling lilac intensify dancing around me. It was so magical; my soul felt lifted. I wanted to fly so I stretched my hands farther and closed my eyes. The wind danced around me lifting my spirit up to soar the land. This was a feeling I would always remember.

I decided to explore my surroundings a little more so I reluctantly danced away from the thrilling water fall still admiring the greenness of the ground. Further away from the waterfall was completely different scenery. Huge mountainous rocks dominated this area of my dream world. It was so picturesque especially the way the hot burning sun blazed the sky creating a destructively stunning reaction with the rocks making them look like they were melting away.

I was completely stunned to the point I almost did not notice the red wolf sitting by me. Or was it purple or black, no maybe white. It took me a while to realize that the wolf did not have one color. It changed colors so fast they all bland together ending in a spectacular rich and vibrant masterpiece. It was gorgeous; I could not look away even if I wanted to.

“Sit Primula, we have much to talk about.” The wolf said softly still looking at the blazing sky.

I was startle because its voice sounded familiar. I searched my brain wondering where I heard the voice before then it hit me. This voice was always with me, through my darkest hours, it never abandoned me. It was my wolf’s voice.

I looked down at the stunning wolf realizing that I never actually saw my wolf in person. She couldn’t afford to shift while in the pack house, she was too afraid of what they would do to us.

Suddenly everything came back to me. The life time of abuse, torments, insults, tortures, ill treatment and finally rejection; they all came rushing back to me like someone pour ice water over my head. Although I could not feel any pain from those memories, I knew it was still there, buried deep waiting to be let out like a fountain.

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