December 7th 2015 - Ambassador Appreciation Week

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It's Ambassador Appreciation Week on Wattpad!

The Community, with its stories, readers, writers, artists and users, are what make Wattpad special: the Community on Wattpad is a unique and wonderful thing, and something the team at Wattpad HQ are immensely proud to be a part of.

Our Ambassadors are an amazing and integral part of the Wattpad journey, and this week we will be celebrating everything they do for Wattpad through a series of posts on the Wattpad profile.

Part of the reason the Community on Wattpad is such a positive and engaging place is down to the efforts of our small but dedicated group of volunteer users - the Ambassadors. The work the Ambassador team do behind the scenes helps all of our users have a fuller Wattpad experience, and they assist the Wattpad team at HQ hugely.

Over the course of five years, the Ambassadors have grown from a small team of about ten to a world spanning group of passionate people who love everything about Wattpad. The Ambassadors have close ties to the team at Wattpad HQ, and have several official profiles where you can find information, ask questions or celebrate what's going on elsewhere on Wattpad.

Regardless of where our Ambassadors are in the world you can tell who they are by the teal W stamped on their profile. This badge is unique to the Ambassadors and is something they carry with pride for all the hard work they do for the Community. The Ambassador profiles and main languages currently supported are listed below, so why not pay them a visit and see what's happening. Also, see if you can find an Ambassador by the badge on their profile, and go and say Hi, they're a great bunch of people.

From the team at Wattpad HQ: Ambassadors we love you, thank you for all you do


Our main Ambassador profiles are here :

Filipino - AmbassadorsPH

French - AmbassadeursFR

German - WPBotschafter

India - IndiaCentral

Indonesian - indonesia

Portuguese - EmbaixadoresBR

Romanian - Ambasadori

Russian - AmbassadorsRU

Spanish - Embajadores

Turkish - TurkiyeElcileri

World team - Ambassadors

More coming later in the week...

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