December 11th 2015 - Ambassador Appreciation Week Continued

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We often hear people asking 'but what do the Ambassadors do?' so hopefully the following text will explain that in a little more detail.

The Ambassadors are a worldwide team of volunteers, and freely give of their time and energy to keep Wattpad the remarkable Community it is today.

All our Ambassadors are hand picked by the Wattpad team from those who submit to join the program (more details on how to apply are noted on the Ambassadors profile). All are trained in line with our bespoke training program, and get to engage with the staff at Wattpad HQ on various projects, help out with new products, and engage with the Community at all levels. 

At present, we have bespoke language teams for Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Filipino, and Turkish which are managed by various staff on the International team at Wattpad HQ. And then there's the larger World Team which evolved from the original English speaking team which first started back in 2010. Within this team reside various language sub-teams like Romanian, French and Indonesian, and our Ambassadors support many more languages other than those mentioned above, as many of the team are incredibly versatile linguistically. 

At the time of writing, and including the International teams, our Ambassadors speak over 40 languages between them, and we're growing that capability every quarter. By the end of January 2016, that total is likely to be around 50.  

The Ambassador Program has four cycles that last three months each, and each cycle we recruit and train new Ambassadors from all over the world to join the team. 

Our Ambassadors truly make a difference to the Community. 

So, what do they do? A lot. They help us with our content ensuring discovery is at its best for the community, they work at connecting readers & writers through various experiments with profiles and reading lists, they run the Ambassador Facebook and Twitter pages, moderate in the clubs, help with translation of documentation, help spot trends in social media, spot interesting stories or sub-genres and pass them on to the Wattpad content team, help to showcase the unique talent we have on Wattpad, let us know when things are going a bit wonky, run great initiatives in the community, host contests, assist in running official profiles, reduce spam, host meet-ups, try out new products, pass on their knowledge to the Wattpad team, write, read, design covers, help people find information, troubleshoot, chat, engage, and make Wattpad a better more friendly place to be. But, above all that, they form one of the most energetic and fun groups of people on Wattpad to be with, and work with. And all that ^^ is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Wattpad would not be Wattpad without its Ambassadors. 

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