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The day flies by quicker than I had wanted it to. The peace and quiet of my own personal home could quite possibly be the most beautiful sound in the world to me. It ends far too soon, though, as Damon calls my cellphone yet again.

When requested, I give Damon my new address after he tells me it's safe for the crew to meet now—though he did not enjoy hearing that the apartment itself came from Klaus of all people. His complaints are nothing to me right now as I'm still mad at him for acting rash the other night.

"You need to get over yourself. Alaric is totally fine now! No harm done." Damon says when he finally realizes that I'm giving him the silent treatment on our way to the school.

I roll my eyes, "And are those Ric's words? Or yours?"

I avoid his watchful eye and gaze out the window. That night, when Alaric was laying there dead, I felt completely responsible for his death. Then, it became even more frustrating to have to had Elena to explain everything to me like how Alaric's ring is spelled to bring him back from the dead.

"Ric knows what he's gotten himself into, Clara." He pauses, "What is that?"

Before I turn back to face him, his fingers run over the side of my neck where Rebekah had bit me. I flip the passenger sun visor down to reveal its hidden mirror and angle it so I can inspect the area. The exact place that she bit me, puncture wounds and all, are outlined in the form of a scar.

"Damn... Who sunk their teeth into you?" He asks, not bothering to look at the road.

I touch each circle carefully. Everything seems completely healed, just as it should be. I must not have noticed the mark last night when the dried blood was covering the area. Even after I showered, I don't remember seeing anything out of the ordinary.

Then, I remember the words spoken to me when it happened. My magic called me pathetic for not being able to fight Rebekah off or because I really didn't want to. It was the punishment Rebekah chose for me after what I did to the Mikaelson's. It seems my magic agrees with her for different reasons.

"My magic is punishing me," I sigh, "for not fighting Rebekah when she attacked me."

"You got bit by the she-devil?" He smirks, chuckling to himself. "It's almost as pathetic as having a Klaus-sized hickey."

I punch his arm more playfully than I would care to admit. I've missed his presence and his constant teasing. Maybe I could cut him some slack—at least he knew Alaric wouldn't actually die.

I wish our meeting could be anywhere other than the high school. After last night, I can't help but worry that every corner we turn could lead us into one of Klaus's traps. It's almost as if this place is a hotspot for danger and I don't want any part in it.

Thankfully, Alaric's classroom actually has a calm vibe to it. I guess that's no surprise to me as his personality has proven to be beyond welcoming and understanding in every way. I can tell we will have a really strong connection form between us if I choose to stay in Mystic Falls.

Everyone who enters the room is someone I recognize by now. I'm sure they all don't know much about me quite yet, so I try to stay as close to Damon or Alaric as I possibly can.

When his phone buzzes, Damon tells us that Elena and Caroline will be late. Alaric takes this opportunity to try to catch me up on what I have missed during the course of the day.

"It seems that Klaus has ordered Stefan to stay behind and protect Elena while he's not in Mystic Falls. It's her blood that is the key to making more hybrids, but his sister hasn't shown much interest in her at all. I'm not exactly sure why she's even still here."

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