Chapter Twenty Seven

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Warning! There will be a scene that involves Amaterasu and Tobirama later on. You have been warned.


"Do you have any idea what you have done?"

"I know what I did and I'll handle what comes after."

"He will die along with your mother and father."

"Will you be able to handle the situation?"

"Will you be able to kill your family, Amaterasu Uchiha?" There in a meeting with all kages communicate on the screens starring at the Uchiha woman who stood in front of said screens. Amaterasu let out a deep sigh before opening her eyes.

"My family is here in Konohagakure. Those three are no kin of mine."

"I will deal with this situation on my own, seeing as I'm am the one responsible."

"We also have word your daughter, Kohaku Senju, has been taken by your own flesh and blood."

"Will you sacrifice your child for this mission?" Amaterasu narrowed her eyes as her Sharingan activated on it's own.

"I will complete this mission and I will get my daughter back. Alive. I'm not going to leave Haku with a bunch of rouges."

"Then it's settled. You will be going
on this mission tomorrow at dawn. Dismissed."

"Hn." Amaterasu gave a stiff nod before turning her back to the kages. Soon it was just them.

"Will she be able to handle this mission on her own, lady Tsunade?"

"She will but I'm sure some of the shinobi might not think the same."

"She's to emotionally attached."

"Her daughter was taken. Wouldn't you do the same of you were in her position?"


Two days earlier

It had been a week since the operation. Amaterasu was better then ever and was back at home with Kohaku and her cousins.

"You gave him your eyes. Now he will be a lot more dangerous with those eyes." Amaterasu sat on her bed, Itachi sat at the foot of the bed.

"I will handle him when the time comes, Itachi. You know that."

"I do but the Kages do not."

"Does that include Tsunade?"

"No. She and the others know you will be able to handle him when it comes down to it."

"So you know he will leave soon?"

"Along with your mother and father."

"How long do you think they will stay?"

"Not long, Ama. Both you and Reiden had a week of healing. It's only a matter of time." Amaterasu sighed leaning against the headboard.

"How is your training coming along?"

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