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Despite having been around for a little less than a week, I'm not sure that my comfort level around Elena and her friends has grown even a little bit. I'm definitely not someone who will be staying in Mystic Falls after my part is played, especially now that there are too many unsettling elements for me here, including the latest blonde intrusion. I feel so out of control here, and if it weren't for the rise of Mikael and Klaus's promise for protection, I probably should have been long gone days ago by now.

I hope Klaus makes it back before his stepfather returns. Even Rebekah is helpful against the naive teenagers as she understands how frightening it is to let Mikael have his way with this town. From the stories the Mikaelson family have told me, and through my own experience, I have learned that he is ruthless in getting what he wants—which is for Klaus to be dead. Not only are the familiar parties in danger, but also everyone else in Mystic Falls if they get too close to the fight.

"Let me know if you see any drunk teenagers roaming around." Damon says, breaking the silence between us while he drives around the school.

When our secret classroom meeting came to a close, Damon and I didn't bother sticking around to detail our plan to distract Rebekah. From what I can tell, he seems pretty confident that his flirtations and my past friendship with her will be enough to keep her from noticing Elena and Stefan, since they are the most important part of all this. I guess you can say I'm a little worried, though—Rebekah is not an average vampire and it's really not going to be easy to fool her.

As soon as we were away from the rest of the crew, it finally felt like I could finally breathe without judgement. Alaric walked us out, probably to ask what exactly we would be doing, but neither of us were very specific as we didn't know ourselves. He wasn't really bothered by it; I think he just enjoys our company.

At one point, he questioned me about the faint bike marks on my neck, but I just shrugged it off as a welcome present from Rebekah. He just nodded and exchanged a serious look with Damon.

"He likes you, you know." Damon had said when Alaric was far enough away. "He's a good guy. You should give him a chance."

"I suspected as much," I replied. "He's human."

He rolled his eyes, "And? Are humans not good enough for you?"

When we near the clearing, I try to clear my
head of all the hormonal nonsense surrounding that particular conversation. Right now, I'm not sure where I stand with myself let alone me and another person. I think my world is far too crazy enough as it is.

I scan the crowd of teenagers who are littered the clearing. It impossibly reeks of human auras and less than a handful of vampire presences as well, but that just makes it easier to spot the shimmering Elena near the keg. From a few feet away, Stefan is watching her from against a tree trunk. He doesn't seem to notice us.

Damon nods his head in a different direction from them, "There's Rebekah."

My magic displays the shimmering red that surrounds the old vampire. Damon links arm with me, naturally, and weaves us through the crowd of people to where Rebekah sits by herself.

"What? No friends your own age?" She says before turning around.

"Like you can talk." Damon smirks, taking the seat next to her on the log, letting go of me.

Damon gestures the seat on the other side of Rebekah when she is too focused on the fire before her to notice. I move to sit in the spot but choose not to sit as close to her as Damon does.

The heat of the fire feels so nice against my cold skin. Watching the colors morph together playfully is almost intoxicating; I have to force myself to look away when the smoke hits.

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