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Chapter-13-"Enough Nick! You are such a Beast!"

Nicolas Witmore's POV

I watched as Pauline left the door, leaving me with her father alone. I looked back at him and found him watching us.

"So, you both are back again?", Brad asked with a serious face.


"Look Nick, I don't know what happened between you both nine years ago. One day she said that you both broke up cause it's not working. But I want to know something. After you both broke up, no since the year of graduation, she had been very sad. I lost my happy daughter.I thought she is sad because she is away from you.

I know that something happened between you two, but I don't knwo what it is. I then trusted you with my daughter, but you left her broke. I don't want that to happen again. I don't want you to break my daughter again. I will break your bones. She cried enough", he said with an almost angry voice.

"Brad, I promise you that I will not break her heart. Never. I never intended to even all those years back. I will keep her safe", I said while moving to him.

"You said that then too, but she is left heart broken. She didn't even try to look for a relationship. The one she had last year failed. She completely shut me off too once. I can't take it if she will do that again. You better understand what I am telling you!".

"I do. I understand. I sorry. I am so sorry".

"Your sorry won't do anything now".

"Give me one chance Brad. Just one chance", I pleaded him. He folded his hands near his chest, looking at me seriously.

"Why should I?", he asked looking at me.

"Because I love her! I love her so much! I.... I don't know how to make you both understand that. I know, it's been a long time, but my heart still wants her. No, need her and only her. It's has and been always her and it will always be her for me!", I almost shouted in desperation to make her understand.

I looked up and found him still not impressed with what I am saying.

"Brad, I... I can't say those long speeches like others do. I am a straight to the point kind of guy. I just want to say this. Yes, we may have.... broke up, like Pauline said, but to me we.... we seperated. I know it's so complicated to understand. But, all I want to say is.... I love her and I want to live with her. All my life", I said while looking at him.

He is looking at me like he is analizing what I just said.

"I know I may sound stupid. But if I didn't love her like you think, I wouldn't be coming here to ask your permission. Brad you are her father. You mean so much to her and that makes me feel the same about you. I want your permission for us". He kept staring at me for a minute.

"Okay. I will give you a chance. One last chance. Not just because you love her, but for my daughter's happiness", he agreed. I just went to hima nd hugged him tightly in excitment.

"Thank you! Thank you so much Brad! It means a lot to me. I will show you and Pauline, how much I love her!".

"You are welcome. But I expect you to keep your promise this time", he said the last words sternly.

"Yes. I will and you can have all the high expectations from me", I said smiling.


"Thank you once again".

"It's okay. Take care of my princess", he said smiling at me and I grinned at him.

"Oh I will always", saying that, I came out of the room with a smile on my face. Finally! I can show her how much I love her and missed her all these years. Now no one can stop me from making her love me. Not even she herself. I lifted my head and the sight in front me made the smile on my face go away. My blood instantly boiled. My jealousy high rated.

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