Chapter 27

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John's POV~

Cherry blossom?

Why does my room smell like cherry blossoms? Did Danny spray weird air freshener again? Or maybe Jeyleen slept over? But, if that was the case why is the smell so strong? Like it was right in front of my noseclose. And not only did it smell good, it was soft; almost silky like.

Wait a minute. Silky? Since when were my pillows silky?

Snapping my eyes opened, I came face to face with skin. A girl's neck to be more exact.


Did I sleep with some girl again? But that's impossible! I promised Amanda. I haven't even slept with anyone for the past two months, so why am I breaking it now? Just . . . when she finally accepted my deal too.

Letting out a loud groan, I rolled over, slapping my forehead. Just who did I sleep with!? The last thing I remember was comforting Amanda . . . and then nothing. And I couldn't have slept with her—she's not that kind of girl.

Hearing a soft snore next to me, I faced her warily, seeing long brown hair, and red material underneath. Red material!? Could it be?


Brushing her hair out of her face, I saw her, as I let out a breath of air I'd been holding. My eyes then immediately went to her lips. They looked quite delicious, especially when they were parted a bit, just screaming to be kissed. Dropping my hands, I sighed, looking away. At least I can calm down now. I didn't sleep with some random girl, and Amanda had her clothes on, so nothing happened.

'But you wish it did,' my loud annoying brain echoed.

Shaking that thought out of my head, I sat up, letting the covers fall. A cold chill went up my spine, as I shivered slightly. Rubbing my bare arms, I leaned towards the left, flipping on the lamp's switch. As light illuminated the dark room, I saw that it was only six o'clock in the morning.

Even though all of my classes were in the afternoon, Amanda could have a morning class. She was a freshman, and usually they don't have the best schedules. I should know, I was one.

Just as I was about to wake her up, her hand shot out, clinging onto my arm. The corners of her lips rose up, as she pulled me down, swinging her leg over me. Letting her head lay on my chest, she let a content sigh out, mumbling some incoherent words.

Crap. If she doesn't move now, little John might get too excited.

“Amanda . . .”

I sucked in a breath of air, when she moved her leg in between my legs. Okay, if she doesn't move now, I'm going to get a massive boner. It's a miracle that I could actually control myself around her so far.

“Amanda. You need to wake up,” I blared, putting emphasis on the word 'need'.

“Mmh,” was all she could say, her position exactly the same as before.

I sighed. Guess I have no choice.

Touching her leg, I ignored the jolt of electricity that ran up my body, and pushed her over. Pulling the blanket over her quickly, I crawled out of bed, and went straight for her bag. Let's hope she keeps a dang schedule in there.

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