Chapter 44

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I've never been so sure in my life having Sam lay next to me in bed. I run my hand against his bare chest. He grabs my hand and smiles.

"Did I wake you?" I ask.

"I'm glad you did."

He pulls me closer to him and I rest my head on his chest. "This is good."

"I sense a 'but' coming along."

"But we should go back. You have to be with your brother."

Sam kisses my forehead. "I'm glad you said that. I really need to check up on him."

I look down under the sheets and realise I'm still naked. Shit. "Mind turning around while I hop into the shower."

"You're worried I'll see you naked?" He asks. "Did you forget last night, cause we did a lot more than just see each other naked."

"I know, I know...but I'm new to this. It still feels weird."

Sam smirks my direction before grabbing the bed sheet and wrapping around his hips then turning the opposite direction.

I get out from under the blanket and quickly in small and light steps hop to the bathroom. I wince at the pain from my back.

Turning the hot water on, it takes less then five seconds before I realise I won't be able to have a proper shower. When the water touches my back, I fall to me knees in the shower from the immense pain. I watch as the water by my feet turn a pinkish shade.

I cover my mouth to stop from screaming. I push myself up and step out of the water. It's going to be hard. I try another time as I step back into the stream of water but as soon as the hot water gets in contact with my wound, I scream.

I can Sam immediately by the door. "Is everything okay, Vi?"

I swallow. Do I tell him the truth or do I lie?

"I'm fine," I shout back over the stream of water.

I watch blood roll down the side of my hips and down my calves. My head begins to spin and I hold onto the glass on either side of the shower to keep myself up.

"Are you sure, Vi? Should I come in?"

"I'm fine, Sam."

I want to turn off the water but if I do so, Sam will suspect something. He'll wonder why I'm out of the shower so soon.

I pick up a bar of soap and try to lather it up but it slips from my hand, landing my the side of my feet. I try to bend to get it but the pain becomes heavy. My back almost forcing me to stay upright.

I kick the bar of soap to the side and out of the way of the water. I press my back against the tile on the one side of the shower. The cold tile feels nice against my back but when I pull back I notice the trail of blood against the tiles.

I can't see my own back. I don't know how bad it is. I gently ease myself back into the stream of water, bending my back ever so slightly to have water wash the blood away. The pain is too much to handle because I once again fall to my knees. The impact creating a loud thud.

Sam is by the door again. "What the hell was that, Vi?"

"It was nothing. I dropped something."

"That wasn't the noise of something dropping or falling."

"It was the shampoo."

"That's it Vi, I'm coming in."

Before I can stand up, Sam pushes through the door. He sees me on my knees and is immediately by my side. He's already changed into a black v-neck t-shirt and jeans. As he grabs me by the shoulder and pulls me up, his clothes get wet.

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