Chapter Twenty Nine

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"Gotta rest for now." Amaterasu mumbled as she walked into a cave. She slide down onto the cave floor resting against the cold wall of rock. After a few minutes of resting she went back outside into the surrounding woods to gather firewood.

After making four trips back and forth from the two places she placed a genjutsu at the entrance of the cave before walking deep into the back of the cave where her stuff were left. She started up the fire. After awhile she retired to her sleeping bag after putting out the fire.

During the middle of the night Amaterasu felt multiple chakra signatures close by. She quickly got up getting her katana in hand as she felt the signatures getting closer.

'They're inside the cave and making their way this way. I must admit some of them hide their chakra pretty well.'

Amaterasu narrowed her eyes hiding in the darkest part of the cave with her katana in hand as the foot steps came closer and closer to where she had step up for the night. She saw a shadow standing not even a few steps in front of her. She was barely able to see the outline of the figure to see it was male. In fact most of them were male. Amaterasu stepped out of the dark and attack the male from behind.



A kunai blocked her katana soon red eyes were seen in the cave, Amaterasu activated her Sharingan only to sigh removing her katana away. She placed her free hand on her hip as someone started a fire.

"What kind of welcoming is that, huh?! You could've killed me there! Believe it!" Naruto yelled at Amaterasu who rolled her eyes.

"Oh please, you shouldn't even be here in the first place, idiot."

"We came here to help you! You should be thanking us, you know!!"

"I'll thank you once I'm on my death bed, but even then you probably won't hear me utter the words in the first place." Amaterasu said as she sheathed her katana. She looked at the blond with a smirk. The others sighed.

'Does she really have to mess with him at a time like this?'

"What's that suppose to mean?! I swear you act just like Sasuke! And I hate that! You think you can take all those rouges on by yourself?!"

"Will you shut up already. Keep yelling like the idiot that you are and those rouges will find us, Uzumaki boy."

"What the hell- mhp!" Amaterasu smiled at the blond. Naruto glared at her as he tried to get the tape she had put around his mouth.

"I swear." She mumbled. "Sasuke was right. You really are a dobe. You can't even tell I was messing with you." Naruto continued to try and get the tape off from his mouth. His muffled screams could heard.

"Did that idiot Senju send you all here?"


"Yes or no."

"He did." Amaterasu sighed pinching the bridge of her nose.

"I swear, doesn't the Senju know when to stop?"

"They never do. It's as simple as that when it comes down to those two brothers." Madara said as he sat down leaning against the stone wall with his arms crossed as he starred at fire. Shisui walked over to his little cousin and punch her on her head.

"Ow! What the hell was that for Shisui?"

"That's for knocking me out." He punched her again. "That was for leaving me behind when I said I was coming with you."

"I'm not a little kid any more, Shisui. I don't need any help for you or any of you." She glared him.

"Amaterasu." Itachi called out to his cousin as he narrowed his eyes at her. He saw her flinch just hearing the tone in his voice. In the corner of her eyes she saw Itachi and Sasuke watching her. Amaterasu closed her eyes walking towards the enterance of the cave with her katana in hand once again.

"Hn. Just don't get in my way." She disappeared from view. Itachi sighed shaking his head. He looked at Shisui who shook his head with a sigh.

"Whew! I got that off. Why didn't you guys help me, huh?!"

"Stop yelling. Do you want the enemy to find us, dobe?" Sasuke glared at the blond who glared right back.


Amaterasu was sitting a little away from the entrance of the cave as she placed a wire on one of her four kunais she had taken out. Her katana rested on the cave floor next her to her right.

"Ama-chan...?" Said woman looked up seeing Sakura standing a little away from her.

"You should be resting, Saku."

"I can't sleep." Amaterasu gave the pinkette a small smile.

"Come here. You can keep me company until I get tired." Sakura nodded walking over to the Uchiha woman who was still messing with the wire and the kunai as the pinkette sat down beside her.

"Aren't you tired?" Sakura questioned Amaterasu.

"I am, but I can't sleep knowing Kohaku is with them. I can't close my eyes without seeing her scared expression. What about you? Why can't you sleep?"

"I just wanted to check on you to see how you were holding up."

"Thanks for worrying, Sakura." Amaterasu stopped what she was doing and leaned against the wall starring at the starry night sky.

"... Sakura..."


"Can I ask something of you?"

"Hm? Like what?"

"Can you watch over Sasuke for me? He needs someone there for him once this mission is over."

"What do you mean by that, Ama? You are coming back with us to the village, right?" Sakura glanced at Amaterasu with a worried look making the black eyed woman chuckle.

"Yeah, I'm going back. Someone has to beat some kind of sense into that idiot Senju for sending you guys after me. This was supposed to be a solo mission in the first place after all."

"Yeah, you're right. I can see it now. Giving lord Tobirama an ear full once you step through the gates." Amaterasu chuckled nodding her head.

"Yeah, I can already hear myself yelling at him. Tobirama just ignoring the fact I'm yelling at him and complaining about you guys coming to join me."

"Yeah.. A married couples fight." At this Amaterasu blushed shaking her head.

"We're not even married!" She whispered yelled at Sakura who was silently laughing.

"H-hey! Don't laugh! Wait until you and Sasuke get married! You are so getting teased about it from me!" She said in a hushed tone making Sakura blush. Amaterasu smirked at the pinkette. Sakura huffed crossing her arms.

"Come on, let's go get some sleep." Amaterasu said with a smile as she stood up as she picked up her katana. Sakura nodded standing up, they both walked into the back of the cave with the others laid sleeping.

Sakura laid in her sleeping bag next to Sasuke. Amaterasu noticed how Itachi and Shisui had decided to sleep on either side of her sleeping bag. She placed her katana against the wall. She sighed shaking her head before getting into her sleeping bag. Amaterasu laid on her back looking at the ceiling. She raised her left hand seeing the ring Tobirama gave her on Valentines Day. Her birthday.

'Damn it.'

Amaterasu covered her eye with her left hand.

'Damn you, Tobirama. I'll get you back for sending them here.'

Amaterasu removed her hand from her eye, turning onto her side closing her eyes. A few minutes later her breathing came in slow and steady indicating she was asleep. Red eyes watched her as she slept the night away.

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