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Chapter-17-"Never doubt my love for you again"

Pauline June's POV

"Come on. You are eating lunch with us", he said pulling me along with him.


"Yeah. Our gang", he said and my eyes widened. I stopped him.

"Nick. I don't want to eat with your gang members. I mean you are all a team. I will feel like a new member. I don't want to. I am happy with myself. I will go to my usual eating spot", I said while trying to free my hand from his grip.

"Nonsense. You are eating with me Baby girl and that's final", he said sternly. I huffed.

"Nick please".

"No. I will lift you up and take you with me", he threatened.

"Now you sound like a creep", I teased.

"I will be one if you want me to be Baby girl", he said smirking at me. I rolled my eyes at him and was about to walk away when he pulled me to him again.

"Nick leave", I commanded.

"No", he said and suddenly lifted me in his arms, bridal style. I squealed.

"Put me down! Put me down! Okay! Okay! I will sit with you! Now, put me down!", I said and he grinned before putting me down.

"Come on", he said and practically dragged me with him. As soon as the canteen doors opened and we both walked in, I tried not to look up. I even heard gasps. Of course! Why wouldn't they be surprised? The school's popular guy came to canteen by hand in hand with the school's very unpopular nerd. I put my head down while Nick took me to a table.

I clutched to Nick's shirt, scared like they are going to harm me.

"Guys meet Pauline. Pauline meet my brothers and my friends. I mean you will get used to them and know their names once you talk with them. Come on sit", he said as he pulled a seat for me. I sat down and they shyly looked up at them.

"Hi", I greeted and they smiled at me.

"Hi Pauline", they said and smiled. This is awkward.

I saw that two of the Witmore brothers are present at the table. Tyler and Xnader.

"Hi Baby girl!", I heard a happy voice beside me and turned to look at the best friend of Nick, Ryan Keller.

"Hi", I said shyly.

"God she really is beautiful and innocent. You got a really good one this time", he said and I frowned at him. I turned to look at Nick and he glared at Ryan. This time? What does it mean?

"Stop it Ryan! Don't listen to him Baby girl. He doesn't know what he talks sometimes. Also Ryan, you stop calling her Baby girl! Only I can call her that!", he said angrily.

"Cool dude". Nick put his hand on my shoulder.

"So Pauline. What is going on between you two? Everyone in the school is talking about you both since the past two weeks", Xander asked with a cocky expression.

"There is noth-".

"She is my girlfriend", Nick said and I glared at him.

"No, we ar-".

"That's cool", Tyler said smiling.

"That is fast", Ryan said and I gave him a confusing look again. Nick glared at him again. It's like they are having a conversation with their eyes. At last I saw Nick smirk , while Ryan gave him a thumbs up and turn to me. He smiled and placed a kiss on my cheek.

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