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Chapter-18-"I can't wait for tonight till I win"

Pauline June's POV

It's lunch time and Nick is still working. He is typing furiously on his laptop. I just sat on the sofa as my ankle is hurting a little. But the pain is less compared to morning. I can move it now.

"Is it better now?", he asked looking at me.

"Yeah", I said nodding. After he gave a light massage, it felt very better.

"Shall I massage it again?", he asked while shutting his laptop and putting the cap on his pan as he stood up and came near me.

"No, no. I am fine and thank you for the massage". He sat beside me.

"You are welcome. Anytime Baby girl", he said taking my legs and putting them in his lap again.

There was a comfortable silence between us when his phone rang. He took it out from his pocket as I just stared at him. He saw the ID and he smiled. I gave him a confused look as he looked at me with the smiled. He answered the call and put the near his ear.

"Hey Princess!", he said and I smiled too. It's Amelia. He then put the phone on speaker as he put the phone between us. Then I heard her happy voice.

"Hi Pauline!", she chirped. I instantly grinned.

"Hi Amelia!".

"Listen! Tonight there is a party on the occassion of me getting pregnant and Zack getting the biggest project that he always wanted. I will message you the venue and you both must and should come! It's going to be so much fun!", she said excitedly. She said everything so faslty that I almost didn't understand some words. I just laughed at her along with Nick.

"We will come", I said and Nick agreed too.

"Good and Nick. You can invite your friends to the party. It's been almost a year since I met them. It will be so good to have everyone back again!", she said and my smile disappeared. Nick looked at me.

"I will see about it", he spoke into the phone.

"Okay and come there by seven O' clock".


"Oh! I almost forgot. The dress code is black. Althought it's Zack who wanted black color as a dress code", she said. We heard her giggling to something Zack said. "Okay. You guys be there. Bye!", she said and cut the call.

Nick put his phone back in his pocket and I just sat there staring at my hands. Will all his friends be there?

"Baby girl, I will not call them if you will feel uncomfortable due to their presense", he said pulling me closer. Am I ready to face them? It's Amelia's party. If she wants them there, then they should. I don't want to ruin her party. Also I can't just avoid them forever. I should face them one day. Let it be today.

"No Nick. It's okay. Call them. I really don't mind".

"Are you sure?".

"Yes. I am".

"Okay. But what about your ankle?".

"Nick, I said it's better. I can walk normally now. It almost healed", I told him looking at it. He kissed my cheek as I am sitting on his lap side way.

"Let's go for lunch", he said getting up with me still in his arms. He slowly put my feet on the ground and I stood up normally.

"Thank you", I told him while smoothing my dress. I ran and hand through my hair. All the while Nick stared me. "What?", I asked him. He leaned down to my ear.

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