Chapter Thirty

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"Time to get up princess!" Amaterasu's eyes snapped open seeing Shisui smiling down at her. She punched him making him groan in pain as he held the side of his face.

"Will you shut the hell up! You're annoying."

"That really hurt, Ama!"

"You'll live." She said getting out of her bag.

"Your so mean."

"Shut up will you." Shisui pouted the whole time as everybody packed their stuff up.

"If we keep moving we'll be able to get to the village in a few hours time." Amaterasu said as she put on her pack heading to the entrance of the cave.

'I just need a couple of things to do before we get there.'

"Amaterasu." Itachi walked over to his cousin who suddenly stop. Standing next to her, she turned her heading looking up at him.


"We'll be here to help in whatever you need to do. You're not alone. You're never alone." Itachi patted her head giving Amaterasu a smile. She pouted crossing her arms.

"I'm not a little kid more, Itachi."

"A kid or not, you are still my little cousin, Ama."

"Yeah, yeah, I hear you just stop patting my head, will ya." Itachi chuckled as he pocked her forehead.

'I know what you are doing and I don't like it. You sent them to try and change my mind. You are so getting it, Senju.'

"Let's get going." Amaterasu canceled the genjutsu and they all ran out the cave with Amaterasu leading them through the trees.


"Ama-chaaannn~! Can we stop and take a break?! I'm starving! Believe it!"

"Shut it Naruto."


"No, now shut up. There might be lookouts around here since we're close to the village outskirts."

"How close are we then?"

"Two hours away."

"Only two hours?"

"Yes, but since we still have time you can get something to eat."

"Eh?! Really?! Thanks Ama-chan!"

"And I know just where to get the good stuff."

A few minutes later

"Eh!? It's an apple tree!"

"Yup, I always come here a few times a year with a few others to pick them. These are the best." Amaterasu said with a smile as she jumped into the tree landing on a branch.

"And here I thought it was going to be ramen." Naruto pouted sitting against the trunk of the tree Amaterasu was in.

"You need to eat healthy. Minato-san already told me you eat way to much ramen every chance you get. So here's an apple."

"Ow! H-hey! Ow! Ama-chan!" Naruto held his head as a bunch of apples fell on him before rolling onto the grass.

"Heh, try some, you might just like it." Amaterasu took a bite of her apple sitting down on a branch. Sakura picked up an apple, cleaning it off before taking a bite.

"It is good."

"See, I told you."

"It tastes like a regular apple, but I still wanted ramen." Naruto mumbled only to get punch on his head by Sakura.

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