Chapter ThirtyThree

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"Ama... Ama-chan?" Naruto looked at her face. Her skin had turned pale losing it's color. Her eyes were still opened, her eyes didn't shine like it did before.

"Th-this isn't funny, damn it! Stop pretending and wake up!" He grabbed her hand, it fell out of his hand falling onto the ground beside her.

"Sasuke..." Sasuke didn't say anything. All he did was buried his face into Amaterasu's shoulder bringing her body closer to him. His shoulders were shaking indicating he was crying. Sakura was the one who closed her eyes.

Shisui fell to the ground as he let his tears fall down his face freely. Itachi, he wasn't one to show his emotions to anyone, but this... This had got to him. Itachi gritted his teeth to keep from letting his tears fall free. It didn't work. A few stray tears fell down his face as he bowed his head. Fuzen and his fellow Nin wolves howled to the sky for their fallen friend and summoner before they went back home.

"Is everything alright!?" Garra and the others turned around seeing the other Kages and a few shinobi run towards them. Garra and his siblings had stopped them from coming closer.

"Lord Kazekage? What's going on here? Where are the rouges?!" A, The Raikage asked.

"They all have been taken care of, including the ones behind the uprisings."

"Then what's going on? What's happening?" Mei, the Mizukage asked. Garra sighed as his siblings Temari and Kankuro looked a bit upset.

"It's about Amaterasu Uchiha."

"What about her? Is she here?"

"She's here but also not..."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Amaterasu Uchiha died not to long ago." Garra looked back to the group. They were holding onto the last string to keep from exploding.

"Oh no." Tsunade ran past everyone and appeared next to Amaterasu and team 7.

"L-lady Tsunade?" Sakura whipped her tears away once she saw her mentor.

"G-granny, you can help her right? She can't really be gone... Can she?"

'Oh, Naruto.. Sakura...'

"I'll see what I can do. Sasuke, let me take a look at her." Sasuke didn't release his hold on Amaterasu. He didn't even hear a word that anyone was saying to him. His mind had gone blank. It was like losing his family all over again. He didn't want to let go. He snapped his head up when he felt a hand on his shoulder to see it was Sakura.

"Sasuke, let lady Tsunade take a look at Ama-chan." Sasuke hesitated but listened. He gently laid his cousin flat on the ground, Tsunade placed her hands over the body as her hands glowed green.

'Multiple stabs wounds, cuts, bruising... Two broken ribs, a broken left arm, and a lost of blood loose... It was only a matter of time before she died.'

"There's nothing I can do to bring her back... I'm sorry."

"But, granny there must be something we can do!"

"No. Sakura help me heal her wounds she has gain from her fight."

"Right." They went to work on healing Amaterasu's injuries. Hashirama stood next to his brother. He was worried. Tobirama didn't blink an eye since he arrived with Tsunade and the others. He wasn't sure if Tobirama had processed his lover's death. Hashirama even took Kohaku out of his arms and nothing. He was starting to worry about his little brother.

"Lady Hokage." Tsunade looked up from her healing to see Shin on his knee bowing his head.

"After you and Sakura-san are done healing her... I like to offer my life for Amaterasu's." Everyone looked at him.

"Are you sure about this? I'm sure you know once you start the jutsu you can't stop." Shin looked up at her and nodded.

"I'm standing by my word. It's about time I see my little brother now."

"Alright. We're almost done just hold on a few more minutes." He nodded. They waited for almost 5 minutes when Amaterasu was done being healed.

"You can start now Shin." He nodded, he made the handsigns before placing his hands over Amaterasu's body.

'You have people waiting here for you, Amaterasu. You have family, friends, a daughter and a lover... Do you want to leave them like this?'

His hands started shaking, sweat ran down his face.

'You have things to do here. Remember you have students training back at the village. How do I know? Well, news travels fast. Everyone seems to be scared for your students because they have you for a sensei. Heh, I'm sure you are a great sensei but... Don't be too hard on them. They're still kids after all.'

"Thank you." Shin looked up seeing Shisui, Itachi and Sasuke were kneeling in front of him on the other side of Amaterasu.

"Thank you for doing this for our cousin."

"Don't worry about it. Your cousin, Amaterasu, has given me a chance to do something good in my life. Since I lost my little brother my life went down hill. The first time I saw her she reminded me of my brother in a way. Stubborn, head strong, never backing down without a fight but most of all, willing to die to protect their precious people. There's no need to thank me for doing this but I do need you to do something for me once she wakes up..." Shin was already running low on chakra. All three Uchihas noticed and placed their hands over his own.

"What would that be?"

"Knock some sense into her thick skull for me... She needs to know she's not alone in this..."

"Don't you worry about that. Itachi and Sasuke will beat that into her. Naruto and I will talk some kind of sense into her just to annoy her, right, Naruto?" Naruto nodded his head with a grin.

"Right! Believe it!" Shin gave them a tired smile at this.

'It's time to come back, idiot. Don't do anything reckless like this again. I also want something from you... Have children just so they can keep you busy inside the village.'

"I-I expect kids in the near future... My little brother's name was Ren..."

'Time to wake up. You have people waiting for you, Amaterasu.'

Shin fell back but Tsunade got him before he fell back. She laid him on the ground beside Amaterasu as she started breathing again.

"Ama-chan?" Amaterasu opened her eyes looking around her.


"Shin, he gave his life in exchange for your own." Shisui nodded his head towards her side. She turned her head seeing Shin laying beside her.

"Idiots... Every single last one of you." She sat up only to get knocked down.

"Ama-chan!" Naruto had been the one to jump at her making them both fall back.

"N-Naruto!" Amaterasu was trying to push Naruto off of her by placing her hand on his face but stopped when she saw him crying. She sighed letting him cry on her.

"How about this Naruto. I'll let you treat me to ramen when we get back home. How does that sound?"

"Yeah, sound good to me!" He got off of her whipping his tears away giving her a smile but suddenly pointed an accusing finger at her.

"Eh!? You should treat me to ramen! I gave you those coupons for Ichiraku on your birthday! Believe it!"

"But you already agreed to it, Naruto. You can't go back on your word, can you?" Naruto pouted.

"No fair!"

She laughed as Naruto complained about the whole ramen situation all the way back to the village. During their journey back to the leaf Amaterasu fell asleep through most of the way. Tobirama sighed occasionally looking at his lover that was sleeping in his arms.

'You are way too much trouble.'

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