Chapter ThirtyFive

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March 10th

It's been a month since the whole rouge upraising and everything was clam and quite. Amaterasu was still inside the village watching over her students progress on their training the while time while still somewhat recovering from some injuries. On some days she, Kohaku and Tobirama would sneak off to a lake near a train ground to spend sometime together like a real family.

The next day only Amaterasu and Tobirama would go missing for the whole day where no one could seem to find them. The first time they had disappeared Hashirama yelled at them that they could have stayed somewhere in the village to start a family. That didn't end too well. Even so, the two lovers had been spending time in the surrounding would just relaxing, even going as far as to a heated make out session a few times. All the while everything was normal as it got.

"Kohaku! I want you back home before dinner time, okay!" Amaterasu yelled as Kohaku ran down the road towards the her friends.

"Okay, mama!" Amaterasu sighed shaking her head with a smile. She walked back into her house and sat on the porch, leaning against the wooden beam. She let out a sigh as she laid her legs across the wooden deck.

'Feels like I'm one of those stay at home moms now that I don't go on missions.'

She was right. She did the cooking, the cleaning, the laundry, everything. Her lips turned into a smile. She wasn't complaining about being a stay at home mom. She liked it very much.

"Well don't you seem happy?"

"I'm just relaxing, Fuzen." She said as she looked at the black wolf with red eyes. She would summon the wolf to help her fellow shinobi who went on border patrol to help them.

"I thought for sure you would complain about being stuck in the village." Fuzen jumped onto the porch beside his summoner, he laid down resting his head on her lap. Amaterasu's fingers ran through his silk black fur causing the red eyed wolf to close his eyes enjoying the attention.

"Not this time. I scared everyone enough as it is. If I asked for a mission Tobirama would refuse it along with Tsunade and everyone else. Besides it's actually nice being a stay at home mother."

"I can tell by the way you dress. It's different." Amaterasu looked down at the clothes she was wearing. She had on a short sleeved, v-neck, navy blue dress that reached a few inches above the knees and the Uchiha symbol on the sleeves and her black heels.

"Eh? And what's wrong with what I'm wearing, huh?" She pouted looking at the wolf.

"Nothing, it's different than what you usually wear."


"It's nice."

"You big softy." She smiled pulling on his ear. This earned her a growl from the wolf making Amaterasu chuckle.

"Hey, kid!" The yell made both of them to turn their heads to see Kisame.

"Hey, fish stick! How's it been?"


"Old man."

"I'm not that old!"

"Oh, please! You already got one foot in the grave already."

"Damn brat. Where's Itachi?"

"He has been on a mission for the past three days and he won't be back for another week. Why?"

"Damn, I wanted him to come drink some sake with the guys and I."

"Even if he was here, do you really think you can make him go with you to drink sake?" Kisame shrugged his shoulders.

"Worth a shot, right?"

"I suppose so."

"I see you're enjoying yourself."

"I am."

"So, are you pregnant yet?" Kisame laughed at Uchiha woman who's face turned bright red.

"Kisame! You bastard fish!"

"What? Shisui told me you might not be here since both you and your husband always seem to sneak off somewhere a few times a month."

"We're not married!"

"The ring proves wrong." Kisame smirked.

"Th-that doesn't prove anything, fish head!"

"Yet you didn't disagree about being pregnant."

"I'm not pregnant!"


"Kisame!" The whole day Kisame kept teasing Amaterasu about everything he could but it was mostly about being pregnant, hers and Tobirama's disapearings, and her "marriage".

Later on that night

Kisame went back to the hotel he was staying at for the past two days. While Fuzen returned back home. Amaterasu closed Kohaku's bedroom door after tucking her daughter into bed. Amaterasu sighed lightly hitting her stiff shoulders after a long and tiring day of chores, but there was one last thing to do; washing the dishes.

She let out a yawn as she was doing the last of the dishes. It didn't take that long before all the dishes were put to dry. She walked upstairs into her room, closing the door behind her. She blinked seeing Tobirama laying on her bed with his eyes closed. She shook her head. Getting her pajamas she made her way to the bathroom and changed. Amaterasu stepped out into the room wearing a black undershirt and black short shorts.

She crawled her way up her bed before laying down next to her resting white haired lover. Tobirama opened his eyes looking at the woman laying next to him. Amaterasu turned on her said facing Tobirama as she laid her head on his chest, her arm over his stomach and her leg around his own.

"Good night." Amaterasu mumbled. He wrapped his arm around her waist bringing her closer against him. He could tell by her soft snores she was already asleep the minute she got comfortable.

"Good night." He placed a kiss on her forehead before closing his eyes and falling asleep.


Once again I'm sorry it short!

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