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Pauline June's POV

"Yes dad?", I asked him coming out of my thoughts while still sitting in the car thinking about what happened a half an hour ago. He looked at me worriedly.

"Are you okay?", he asked with concern etched all over his face. I looked away from him. I don't want to lie. Dad can eaily see through it.

"No", I whispered as tears brimmed in my eyes again.

"Princess, whatever it is you can tell me. Did Nick do something?", he asked like he is asking a five year old girl. Nick. His name itself makes me cry. How can he do it? How can he betray me like that? Was it all sex to him? Never once did he care about my feelings? He definitely didn't. I felt my dad's hand on my shoulder, once again bringing me out of my thoughts.

"No dad. He didn't do anything. I am jsut feeling very sad that we are leaving. That's it", I covered it up. The truck that carried all over lugguage started. All out thigs are packed by the time we came.

"Oh my girl. Come here. Give daddy a hug. Everything will be okay. Are you worried about missing Nick?", he asked after pulling away from the hug. Miss him? I will. So much! Will he miss me? What a silly thought? Why would he? I don't want to make a fool out of myself by going and asking him about the bet. He will sure laugh in my face. I won't let him break me anymore.

"Yes", I whispered swalloing the sob that almost came to my throat. I looked at my phone and switched it off, not wanting to see that Nick is calling.

"Don't worry. You can always talk with him on phone. He can come to our house whenever he wants. So, what is he will not be coming to study in New York like you told me in the morning, he will still love you. I can see it in his eyes that he loves you so much", dad said kissing my head as I buried my face in his head.

Oh dad, he fooled you too!

"Come on now. Let's go", he said while taking me to the cab. I got in and dad sat beside.

I just stared out of the window.

"Isn't Nick coming to the airport?", I heard dad ask me. I turned to him. What should I tell him? I don't want him to know the truth. It will hurt him. Also I don't want Nick dead.

"No dad. He said he can't see me going", I said and looked away from him to control the tears.

The pain is so deep. It's hurting! My heart is cut and the blood is dripping from it. Bleeding down. I want to cry out loud. Shout at Nick! Slap him hard and ask him why?! But I can't. I can't make myself to go in front of him. I gave him my everything and he just used me. He used me! The thought made tears pour out of my eyes like raina nd I put my hand on my mouth to stop.

Soon we are in the airport. I came out of the car with dad. He got my luggage. We walked inside. Although we are walking, all I can think about is Nick, Nick, Nick and his betrayal. Their words.

Soon we are in the flight. I sat in my window seat and stared out of the window. Dad patted my hand and gave me an assuring look.

I smiled at him.

"Everything will be okay", he said and smiled at me.

"I hope so dad", I said and he gave a last smile. I turned my head back to the window.

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