Chapter Eleven - The Backstory

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Alex and Claire started slow clapping as I walked up to them.

"Brilliant," Alex said in a fake posh voice. "Just brilliant."

I rolled my eyes at them and sat down. Claire was all smiles as she began talking really fast. "You did great! I saw what you were doing out there, looking at the best point of action. That was smart! You're completely running through the ranks and training of this place without even learning it!"

I laughed and shook my head. "I still need a lot more training, but thank you."

Despite being able to leave after your fight is over, the three of us stayed to watch Cole's fight. I haven't seen him all day, but when he stepped into his arena for one of the last fights, he already looked pissed.

In the arena next to him was Vanessa, who was facing off against some girl I didn't recognize. When the buzzer sounded, I watched as she went straight in with a tornado of fire.

"She really doesn't waste any time, does she?" I muttered under my breath and Claire laughed.

"She's the definition of a hot-head... Literally"

Alex nodded, "The two of them probably got into a fight before they got out. Look at Cole, he's fuming."

I turned and watched the guy's fight to see him burning everything that the Earth he was fighting threw at him as he walked closer and closer. I have only ever seen Cole fight that Catcher and that was pretty quick. Here, Cole took his time and, as I did, calculated the movements of the person he was fighting. The Earth threw a large clump of rock, dirt, and debris at him which Cole immediately returned as magma. His opponent jumped out of the way as it sizzled into the side of the arena. Cole then created a wall of fire on either side of the Earth, making it impossible for him to run away. Sure enough, he had his opponent down on the ground and the referee called the fight over.

Looking over at Vanessa's fight, hers was already announced over and I saw her brushing off some ash from her clothes with her own opponent clenching their knee of the floor.

Alex was the first one of us to get up. "Well, I'm going to make sure Cole doesn't murder anyone." He turned back to us, "We can all meet up at the lake afterwards because it's pretty hot out. If I'm not there in twenty minutes, call for help and the fire department."

"You're a Water," Claire pointed out. "Extinguish yourself."

Her boyfriend put a hand on his heart as streams of tears immediately began falling from his blue eyes like an over animated cartoon. "Claire, you hurt me so."

She pushed him with a groan. "You know I hate when you do that!" He began laughing and the tears stopped. "He learned how to make water fall right by his eyes so it looks like he's crying," she explained to me. "Sometimes he makes it realistic just to make me feel bad and he knows I hate it!"

Alex continued chuckling and kissed her on the forehead before heading down to where Cole presumably was. The two of us headed down to where the lake--totally a pond--was and she immediately jumped in, still clad in her workout clothes. She floated up to the top and relaxed on her back.

Taking off my shoes, I decided just to put my feet in the water while she swam around until the guys got there a little bit later. Alex looked as cheerful and jolly as usual while Cole looked about ready to burn down the forest that surrounded us.

As predicted, the couple jumped in and joined each other in the water while Cole took a spot on a rock a few feet from me, rested his chin on his hand while he slumped down.

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