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Chapter-22-"I want to do it right this time"

Pauline June's POV

"You scared me!", I said putting a hand on my chest.

"Sorry", he apologised.

"What are you doing in a girl's washroom?".

"I just wanted to talk to you".

"About?", I asked.

"About you and Nick and the.... bet", he said taking a step towards me.

I looked away from him, not knowing what to say.

"I know you are not ready to face me, but you should face the truth".

"Oh yeah. I know the truth. You guys made some stupid bet that involved me. I know it's not about my virginity, but I am sure that in the end it's something about breaking my heart-", he cut me off.

"No! It's not about breaking your heart! Wait a minute! How do you even know that we had a bet?", he asked looking at me.

"I heard you guys talking on the graduation day".

"What did you hear?".

"I heard you guys talking about the night before about us finally doing it! So, I assumed it's about my virginity! I thought that Nick was going to break my heart, telling me that we are breaking up or make me a fool in front of you guys. I didn't want that so I ran away. I just wanted to.... go away from him".

"So, instead of staying and asking what it is, you just disappeared?", he asked coming closer.

"No! That morning dad told me that we were going to New York for his new job! I was about to tell Nick about it, but then I heard all this and I couldn't make up the strength to tell him. I didn't think he would even want to know about it", I said looking down.

"He wouldn't want to kn-Do you know how crazy he went when he didn't find you? God Pauline! You should have stayed and asked us what it was all about!".

"What will you do if you were in my place? Huh?! Go and talk to the guy whom you love the most, who is your first lover in everyway and then you came to know that he just wanted to have sex with you to make fun of you in your friends and is about to break your heart!", I shouted as tears fell down my face.

"No! He never made fun of you! We all never made fun of you! But you should have contacted him in some way. At least later".

"I didn't have the heart to call him. I thought he would be happy that I am gone", I said folding my hands and looking down asahmed, now that I know that he didn't.

"I know that you both are not in a relationship like you guys tell everyone. I can clearly see through this lie, cause the Nick and Pauline that I know wouldn't behave like this. You two are maintaining some distance. No, you are!", he said pointedly.


"Why did he tell me that you both are back in relationship? Or is it true? Cause you don't seem like you are, although Nick does". I sighed.

"No we are not. It's all just a contract", I told him.

"A contract. Seriously?!".

"Yes", I confirmed.

"Look Pauline, I know that you are angry at him about the bet and all, but, you should know about it completely. Do you even know what was Nick's life like after you left?".

"What happened?", I asked hoping that something bad didn't happen.

"He.... He cried. I mean, I know that it sounds lame, but yes.... he cried, although only in front of me, twice. Then he kept calling your know which you switched off and never used. At one time he wouldn't come of his room as he filled his room with your pictures. Then he started drinking as we started college. He almost became addicted to drinking.

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