Chapter 47

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Hearing background chatter, I force my eyes open. The sudden brightness forces me to blink several times till my eyes adjust to the light.

I look around until I set my eyes on a monitor. It's making a beeping noise. I think it's a heart rate monitor.

The continuous chatter draws my attention and I stare out the window of the room to see Sam talking to someone in a white coat.

I try to push myself up to hear what they're saying but I realise I can't move, pain shoots up my spin when I attempt to.

I'm in the hospital.

My head sinks into the pillow when suddenly my dads words enter my mind. I should've been there for him, even when he wasn't there for me.

I grab at the side of the sheets, my knuckles turning white. I let off a scream enough to draw both Sam and the doctor's attention.

They both burst in the room. When the doctor realises I'm okay, she bows her head and leaves.

"I'm so glad you're okay," Sam says as he runs his hand across my cheek.

I push his hand away. "Don't."

"Babe you can't still be mad."

"I am," I say through gritted teeth. "My dad...I don't even know if he's okay."

"We'll get him to you."

I reach my hand out. "My phone?"

"Babe please," he pleads with his eyes.

"My phone, Sam."

He takes my phone out of his pocket and hands it to me. He turns around and leaves the room.

Fifty six missed calls. All from dad.

I dial dad and wait. He doesn't pick up.

I dial again. Still he doesn't pick up.

By the eighth call I start to panic. What if he's already gone?

I pick my phone and slam it again hard against the floor, noticing pieces of glass flying across the floor.

Daniel rushes in. He takes one look at my phone and then me. "You okay?"

I shake my head no. "I expected this from Sam, didn't expect it from you."

He lowers his head. "I know but I did it because I care."

"How much did it cost...the operation?"

"Doesn't matter, Sam took care of it."

"How much?" I say raising my voice.

"Twenty eight thousand."

"Tell Sam I'll pay him back."

"But he doesn't..."

I cut him halfway. "Tell him I'll pay it all back."

Daniel nods and leaves.


After the doctors give me the approval to leave, I get up and walk straight out. Yes I'm in pain but still, it had to be done.

Making an excuse that I had to use the bathroom, i left.

I get in the taxi and get home.

I realise I have a new door in my apartment. A new set of keys jiggle from my car keys. These must be for the door.

As I insert the key into the lock, memories start flooding back. My phone going off, getting caught, dragged out and shot.

I take a deep breath. "There's no one inside Violet," I tell myself.

I twist the key and push the door open. Walking in, I notice a few changes. My coffee table has been replaced. The cabinet in which I hid has new doors. The apartment smells different. Smells like Sam.

He's probably done all of this.

I drop myself on the couch. I don't want to see him ever again. I pull my phone out and dial mum.

"Hello honey."

"Mum, hey."

"Everything okay? You don't sound too good."

I don't tell her about everything that's happened. Not that she cares much. My family is very distant from each other. Dad especially.

"I can't seem to get a hold of dad."

"I know darling. He's actually in bed resting now. Doctors say he doesn't have long. He's very fragile. Can barely talk and walk. His hand aren't even helping."

"What! You didn't think to call me."

"Thought you were still angry at him, darling."

"I am angry at him. Doesn't mean I don't care though."

I hang up. This is my family. They don't bother. It's all about themselves.

I hear a knock on the front door. My body freezes. I walk over to kitchen quietly and pick up a sharp knife.

Another knock. I go to the door and peek over the peephole. It's Sam.

I place the knife by the table near the door and take a deep breath.

I still don't want to let him in. The knocking turns into banging. "I know you're in there, Violet!"

"Come on, let me in. I know I did wrong but please."

I walk to my bedroom, lift the mattress and take the money I had hid there.

I go back to the living room, open the door and I slam the money against Sam's face. "There's five thousand. I'll pay the rest."

He looks taken back. "Babe I don't need the money."

"It's all your fault."

"Babe I can fix it. I'll take you to your dad now."

"No I'll fix it Sam. You and me are over."

I slam the door on his face.

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