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Get ready, be there at 6:20 xx

I could't stop staring at the x. Did he mean it like a kiss or- Stop it, Cass! He' s not your actual boyfriend! He's just your fake one, it's not like you want him to be your real one! Right? Shaking these weird  thoughts from my head, I texted Kate. 

Come over RIGHT now! Fashion emergency! 

After that cozy afternoon, I woke to find a note saying, Had to go. Text you :) ~Alex. The rest of the week was normal, Alex and I talking and texting. The boy could drive me up the walls, but he also did really sweet unexpected things, like with the Advil. Now it was Friday and the night of the much dreaded date. I had showered and was in my fluffy bathrobe with my wet hair up in my towel. A moment later, Kate barged into my room. 

"WE HAVE GOT TO GET YOU READY!" She screeched. Giggling, I plopped down in front of my mirror, so she could do my makeup. She applied some eyeliner and mascara, making my hazel eyes pop. She added a little bit of blush, to give the flushed look, and add some color to my cheeks because I was nervous as hell. What if Trevor found out? Would his girlfriend be pretty? Kate added a pink lip stick and started on my hair. She dried it out and curled it at the bottom. 

"How come you added so little makeup?" I asked confused. Kate wasn't one to go natural. She didn't cake like powder and stuff on, but did heavy eye make up. 

She gave me a slight smile. "We're not trying to make you pretty. We're trying to make noticeable." 

"Did you take that line from Divergent?" I narrow my eyes suspiciously at her. 

"Maybe. Yes," she winks at me.

And noticeable I was. I found myself being unable to tear my gaze from my eyes in the mirror. 

"Now," she clapped her hands together, "for the clothes!" She entered my closet and threw things out. 

"Ugly. Hideous. Girl, where do you buy your clothes? Did you rob this from a hobo?" She passed remarks as garments flew into my room. 

"THIS IS PERFECT." She came out, beaming. 

The dress was white on top with short sleeves. The bottom was floral and  a brown belt in between held the whole thing together. I never wore that- it was WAY to girly to be allowed. Kate had bought it for me in the first place.  

"Do I have too?"  I whined.

"You're going to look fabulous. Now, put it on." She shoved it at me. I slipped it on and looked in the mirror. I looked like I should skip through meadows picking flowers. Kill me now. She handed me a pair of white wedges and a brown, small purse which I swung on my shoulder. It rested against my hip. I shoved my phone, wallet and other items in it. I looked at the time. 6:18. Perfect timing. I walked Kate the door and gave her a quick hug. (Outfit on polyvore link in bio)

"Thank you so so SO much!" 

"You're very welcome." Before she could exit, there was a knock on the door. I swung it open to reveal Alex, wearing a suit. He grinned at me. 

"You're looking girly." 

"Shut up," I groaned and hit on the arm playfully. He awkwardly thrust out a flower. 

"For you," he muttered. See what I mean? Unexpected sweet actions? Blushing, I accepted it and held on to it. I glanced at Kate who winked at me. 

"So, let's go!"  I broke the tension.

"You two love birds have fun!" Kate giggled behind us as we began walking. I threw her a disgusted look, which made her double over with laughter. Alex opened the door for me (see?) and went to the driver's side. I slid in and narrowed my eyes at Alex as he began to drive. 

"What?" He asked, running a hand through his hair. 

"Why are you acting so nice?"

"Because you're my girlfriend, duh," he rolled his eyes. He didn't have to start the act so soon... Deciding to interrogate him about later, I looked away as a faint blush crawled up his cheeks. Moments later, we pulled up and Alex opened the door for me again. He held out an arm. 

"May I?" He bowed down. Giggling, I accepted the arm of my boyfriend and we entered the restaurant. 

I spotted Trevor the moment I walked in. 

His brownish-blondish hair, green eyes, tan skin. Putting on a smile, I walked over to the table set for 4. It was then I noticed the girl sitting across from Trevor. She was stunning. She had dirty blonde hair perfectly straightened flowing down her back, ending at her elbows. Her bright blue eyes perfectly complemented her flawless skin. The only make up she had on was a little bit of mascara and a lip gloss. She was dressed in a pink dress. 

"Trevor!" I called out. He turned to see me and his jaw dropped. Nice work, Kate. Silently thanking her, I sat down right next to him, Alex in front of me. 

"Trevor, meet Alex, my boyfriend. Alex, meet Trevor." Trevor looked taken back. 

"Alex Waters?" He asked astounded. 

"Trevor Parker?" Alex replied equally shocked. 

"Um..." I awkwardly started, unsure of what was going on. 

"Trevor went to my old school," Alex hurriedly explained. 




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