Chapter Sixteen: But, after all, rules are meant to be broken.

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What you've all been waiting for! 



 "Trevor, meet Alex, my boyfriend. Alex, meet Trevor." Trevor looked taken aback. 

"Alex Waters?" He asked astounded. 

"Trevor Parker?" Alex replied equally shocked. 

"Um..." I awkwardly started, unsure of what was going on. 

"Trevor went to my old school," Alex hurriedly explained. 


"Uh." I stupidly blurted. What did they expect me to say?! 'Oh, that's nice! Oh,and Trevor, Alex isn't my real boyfriend!'

"So, are you guys friends or..." I trailed off awkwardly. 

Alex scoffed. "Friends? You can ask the prick!" 

Trevor narrowed his eyes at Alex. "So, shouldn't she be asking you?" 

Okay, so they weren't friends. Was this good or bad? 

Alex rolled his eyes. "Suck my-"

"Alex." I warned. 

Bad, definitely bad. 

I broke the tension by speaking to Trevor's REAL girlfriend. 

"Hi, I'm Cassandra, but you can call me Cass." I grinned at her. 

"I'm Gwen." She shot me a look that said, why are you talking to me? 

She's such a word-that-rhymes-with-witch. 

I laid my rose and hand down on the table. "I thought you said this wouldn't be problem for you, Trevor." I raised an eyebrow at him. He glared at me. 

"It's not. But him? You chose him? Really?" 

"Yes, him," I answered, ticked off. "I don't know about you, but I'm starving. Waiter!" I called. 

Trevor leaned towards me to whisper in my ear. "You took your standards down a couple of notches after me, huh?" I rolled my eyes. I leaned and whispered back. 

"You had no standards after me." I looked pointedly at Gwen who was twirling a piece of her hair around her finger. That's right, pretty boy! 

The waiter arrived and I ordered some egg rolls as an appetizer along with a coke. The rest of our group also ordered. 

"So..." Gwen started. 

"How did you two meet?" I asked her. A love sick expression took over her features. Almost too love sick. 

"I moved here this year and Trevor was in my biology class. We ended up lab partners and well, chemistry happened." She ended with a smile at Trevor. 

"How did you two meet?" Trevor asked, leaning his head on his arm. 

"Kate set me up on a blind date with him, and sparks flew," I squeezed Alex's hand. He grinned at Trevor. 

"How could you dump her?" He asked. It actually sounded sincere. He was a pretty good actor. I really didn't want to hear the reasons why Trevor ditched me, so instead I asked a new question. 

"How long have you two been together?" 

Trevor answered. "A month." Their answers seemed too... rehearsed. The food arrived and these thoughts flew out of my head as I ate the egg rolls. "How about you guys?"

"Almost three months," I replied. Beat that, Parker! If we were together for three months, that means I started dating Alex right after Trevor dated me. One point, moi. 

"But it seems like I've known her forever," Alex grinned at me. I blushed. Why was I blushing?

"So, Gwen," I started, "you seem like a nice girl." NOT. "Why did you pick Trevor?" 

A faint blush rose to her cheeks and she scratched her head, looking flustered. She shot daggers at Trevor. 

"Because he was really sweet and helped me out?" She stated it like a question. There was something fishy going on...

I nodded, and pressed no further. The waiter came and we ordered our food. Before Gwen could order her food, Trevor cut in. "I'll order for you, babe. She'll have a teriaky salad with any low-fat dressing. Hold the nuts." He ordered. It seemed too rehearsed, as if he had memorized what she wanted. When the waiter left, Gwen leaned over and gave Trevor a quick kiss on the lips. GET A ROOM! 

We passed some more small talk and then the food arrived. 

"If you don't mind me asking... why are you guys..." I asked Alex, tilting my hand from side to side in the air. Alex's blue eyes hardened. 

"He... I... It's a long story..." Alex simply answered. Now I was even more curious and confused. I decided to ask him later. 

There was an awkward silence as everyone finished eating. I dabbed my mouth with a napkin and took a sip of water. 

Trevor looked at me suspiciously. 

"What?" I quickly asked. 

"It's just that... you claim to be madly in love, but the only physical contact you've had is holding hands." He rose an eyebrow at me. 

Think Cass, what can I do to convince Trevor? Kiss Alex's cheek? No, I do that to everyone. The only other option is... No. I couldn't do that. The rules. 

But, after all, rules are meant to be broken.

And without another word, I grabbed Alex's neck and smashed my lips onto his. 


Another cliffhanger! I am getting GOOD at this! 


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