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"You can't be here," I mutter, my mind already racing, "Something must be wrong."

Adalynn smiles beautifully and my anxiety level shoots down to almost nothing at the sight of her. She is every bit as lovely as I remember, even though it has only been a century or two since I have seen her last.

She takes a strand of my hair and tucks it behind my ears, "You always jump to conclusions. Maybe just enjoy the moment?"

I don't even need the warning at this point—I am already completely starstruck. I had known it was her messing with my temperature as soon as it happened the second time. She is absolutely right in saying there is nothing she can do about that; it's just something minor that happens when her emotions spike. As a fellow powerful witch, I am familiar with the concept, but the memories my own magic creates are much more comfortable.

My arms grasp onto hers tightly, but she is so frail, I worry I may break her. Her smile is endless, and her piercing blue eyes stare into mine lovingly. She is exactly the same, even her clothes are an unscathed version of the ones she was wearing the day she died. I push away the memory instantly and focus on the woman before me.

"You are just... magnificent." She breathes, "this decade looks beautiful on you!"

I blush, "there's so much about it that you would absolutely love, Ady.

"Trust me, I know." Adalynn ensures without bothering to hide that she has been spying on me from the supernatural afterlife.

I reluctantly let go of her so she can perform the spell I taught her so many years ago. She relieves a sigh as her dated dress dissolves into a pair of my leggings and a floral blouse that suits her much more than it had me.

I lean against the brick wall, waiting. When she releases her old-fashioned braids from their pins, I notice the daisy flower clip I bought her as a child come loose from her hair. I reach up and grab it, instinctively, before pulling a few of her long black curls into a half-up hairdo that I've done for her so many times before. The pin fits perfectly in place on the back of her head and my smile only grows at the fond memory.

"You should pursue a career as a hairdresser," she calmly says, "I don't remember a time when you weren't using me as your own personal model. How do you get your fix now?"

I shake my head, "I don't need a fix. I've only ever loved your hair more than mine."

Adalynn rolls her eyes and takes my hand. Her skin is cold to the touch, but I can feel every little movement she makes despite her not being here in the flesh. She seems to read my mind and gestures towards the restaurant behind us.

"Damon and Alaric are here with a werewolf spirit, but I don't sense any hostility." She closes her eyes, concentrating harder, "I'm picking up the auras of vampires in the town square, but some of your other friends are handling that as we speak."

I wince at the word 'friends'. Her eyes flutter open at the reaction, but she doesn't say anything about it. As far as I know, the only people in Mystic Falls who even want me as a friend are the two day-drinkers in the building behind us.

Adalynn has the enhanced ability to read the intentions of supernaturals up to a couple of miles away. She's actually the one who helped me develop my own visual sensor to identify who is what species, but it's nothing even close to what she is able to do.

"What do we do now?" I wonder aloud.

"Preferably, I would love to try a cheeseburger."

It's my turn to roll my eyes, "I'm serious."

"Me too!" She laughs as she takes a step toward the restaurant, "Bonnie will call if she needs help fixing this. She's fully capable, I can feel it."

Her voice is mesmerizing, especially since I haven't heard it in such a long time, and her pouting is beyond disagreeing with. She is as every bit attractive and graceful as the day she came into my life so long ago. It's amazing how time has flown so quickly since then, even though it has felt like an eternity without my best friend.

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