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Chapter-24-"Try hard till he talks with you"

Pauline June's POV

I felt sun rays fall on my face and slowly opened my eyes. I rubbed my eyes while turning on my back on the bed. The room is filled with sun rays. Last night, I cried and somehow fell asleep in the middle of the night. Then just like that everything came back. I quickly sat up on the bed and looked beside me. He is not there. Last night I waited for him, but he still didn't come.

I got up from the bed and went out to search for him.

"Nick!", I called while going into the living room.

No answer.

"Nick! Where are you?", I called again going into kitchen.

Still no answer. I serched around the whole house.

He still didn't come home. It hurts so much. It's all because of me. I walked back into the bed room and just sat on the bed thinking about how things changed in just two days. I shook my head and got up to get my phone to call him. I went to the night stand for my phone and found a note there. I frowned and took it before reading.

I need to go to Paris for an important deal. I was informed last minute. I didn't want to wake you up since you are sleeping. I will come back in two days. I will come back soon. Amelia will take you shopping and you can spend these two days like you wish. Take care.



For some unknown reason tears streamed down my face. I didn't liek the way he left. I immediately took my phone and called him. It's switched off. I didn't stop though. I kept calling him, hoping that he will switch on and answer my phone magically. After trying one more time, I stopped.

No! He can't just leave me. I know that he said he will come back after two days, but I want to sort it out with him now! I can't wait till he come! But there is nothing I can do. My shoulders slumped and I put my face in my hands before crying. I fell back on the bed.

What should I do now? Whom should I share this all with? Dad! I can always go to dad!

I got up from the bed quickly and went to bathroom. I brushed my teeth and did my job. I bathed cleanly and wrapped a towel around me before coming out.

I went into the closet and dressed myself in a pair of normal jeans and a casual shirt. I was about to walk out of the closet when I found one of the Nick's drawers open. I went to close it, but something caught my eye. I frowned. What is it? My curiosity got the best of me and I opened the drawer more. I gasped as I took a look at it.

It's filled with my things! All of our things when we were back in school. All of the things that I gave him and some are mine which he took from me back then. To a side there are a very small stack of photos. I took them out and they are about us. Many pictures. Me kissing him, him kissing me. Us fighting, cuddling, laughing and many other poses. He kept them all.

"Oh Nick", I said no one in particular. Tears filled my eyes.

There is also my first date t-shirt. He stole it from me back then and I knew it. There is also a black current ice-cream tud wrapper. I took it out and turned around to find the game we palyed. After everytime we complete eating the ice-cream, I used to peel off the wrapper and we used to play X-O game on it. He used to cheat all the time. But it was fun

I looked at the wrapped with tears in my eyes. At then end it is written in his writing.

One day you will like me more than you like black current.

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