Chapter 48

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When I slam the door on his face, I feel bad. Almost tempting myself to open the door and call him back in, but this is the right thing to do.

I remember what Sam had texted me. I remember what it said. I'm not angry about the injection he gave me to knock me unconscious. I know he had a reason for it.

I can tell someone's been in my apartment. The usual warm and coziness feeling is gone. It's now left with utter coldness and a chill going down my spine.

I follow Sam's instructions, which were not to be obvious but to find the camera's set around my house.

As an excuse, I walk into my room and grab a cardigan as I slowly scan my bedroom. There in the vase on my desk, in between the fake flowers is a camera. It's a tiny black dot but it's enough to know that it's a camera.

I walk into my bathroom, pretending to use it. Doesn't seem to have a camera here.

Back into the living room, I turn on the TV as I scan and the room. Pretending to grab a magazine so I can explore the left corner. Placing my keys on the key holder by the door to scan the room again. There's one in the corner of the right side by the cabinet that I was hiding.

After making myself coffee to check the kitchen, I notice that there's only two cameras in the whole apartment.

I wait patiently until it's eight o'clock and I go downstairs to my car. I get in and I drive to Bourne Hotel.

In the carpark it seems like someone is following me. I rush into the girls bathroom just like Sam told me.

Cubical number 4. That's what Sam said. When I open the cubical I notice Sam. Quickly I get in and pull the door shut.

"People are following me, Sam," I whisper.

"I know. That's why we meet here. There were people following me too but I lost them."

"Can't we get a room and stay there."

Sam lowers his voice. "We're being watched, if they see us going into a room together, they'll know our break up was fake."

I nod. "Now what?"

Sam pulls me into a hug. "I know dating me comes with complications but I'm glad you're sticking by me."

I giggle then quickly cover my mouth. "I did think of leaving you once and twice."

"Is that so?" Sam says as he lifts his eyebrow.

I burst into laughing which forces Sam to put his hand around my mouth. I stop and gently pull his hand aside. "Flirting with me in the girls bathroom, Sam. Very naughty."

"Did you count the cameras?"

"One in my bedroom, one in the living room and one in the hallway to my apartment."

"There's one in every room in my parents place. I'll need to go and check my house. In the meanwhile, leave this place and I'll bump with you in the carpark. Start a fight with me. If we both leave acting cool they'll think we're up to something, so act surprised and get angry."

He kisses my forehead and I walk out. Thank god the bathroom was empty.

I wait a few minutes then walk to my carpark, I'm noticing a man wearing a black hoodie following me. I take my phone out pretending to use it because I can see Sam walking my way.

I purposely bump into him and drop my phone.

"Watch where you're going!" I shout.

Lifting my head up, I act surprised when I see Sam. I'm a damn good actress. I mean, heck I even convinced myself. "It's you. Why are you following me, Sam? I don't care for you anymore. We broke up remember."

Sam takes a step forward. "I know so don't you dare talk to me like that. Don't give yourself so much importance. I could get plenty of girls like you. I'm the Sam Anderson after all."

He winks as he turns around and walks off. It was a very subtle wink that I'm sure no one else wild see unless they were standing right next to me.

I swing my hair aside, pull my handbag up to my shoulder, turn around and say "whatever!" Then I walk off.

When I get back home, I rush into the bathroom, turn the tap on to cancel out the sound so hopefully the camera's can't pick up the noises I'm about to make.

I lean against the wall as I sit on the cold tile floor. I cry because I realise how messed up my life is. Every time something slightly good happens, something bad comes and ruins it.

I guess that's the price you pay dating Sam. With his status and money, I'm sure he has plenty of enemies.

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