{chapter 11}

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Song of the chapter - How you get the girl by Taylor swift

The only sound was of our forks tapping out plates as we ate, well as the others ate. I simply pushed the food around on my plate.

My fathers eyes stayed glued to Phoenix and would occasionally flicker to me and pretended I didn't see it.

"Sooooo" Ellie began breaking the silence "I decided to audition for the Victoria Secret Fashion show next year."

"Ellie oh my god that's great." I exclaimed and my mom gave her a warm smile.

"Ellie sweetie that's amazing! You were just gorgeous in the New York Show " My mom spoke up.

I was glad her career was hopefully taking another step up.

"Congrats." Phoenix also added making my dad stare into him even harder.

"So Phoenix, tell me what are your long term plans." My dad prompted.

I cursed myself and started to feel my ears heat up in pure anger. Why was he like this? Why couldn't my dad be the nice and funny type. Instead I have a hardass father that needs to learn to hold his tongue.

I caught Ellie's eyes and she gave me a small shake of the head telling me not to explode.

"Well, as you know I'm already an officer so one day I hope to be chief." He explained smoothly.

"You hope? That's it, no plan." My dad argued and I had enough.

"You know what we're done hear. Nix lets go." I said pushing myself away from the table inturpting him.

I stood up and slipped on the jacket that was hanging off of my chair.

I was way too old to let my father treat me and Phoenix like we were nothing. My mother and sister quietly prompted me to sit back down but I ignored them.

I grabbed Phoenix's hand and pulled him towards the front door. I couldn't bring myself to say bye to my mom, she should have stood up for us.

"Amelia come sit back down." My father said, his voice echoing through the house.

"Mia, really it's ok, we can go back." Phoenix said lowly catching my upper arm.

"No" I said firmly grabbing his arm and slamming the large door as hard as I could behind us.

I got myself back into the passenger while Nix got into the driver seat.

We both sat there for a little bit while I breathes heavily fighting back tears. We couldn't have one single family dinner without him ruining it.

I didn't even notice my car was moving until Phoenix hit the breaks to let some skateboarders go by.

"Where are we going?" I muttered to him rubbing my eyes , thankful for waterproof mascara.

"Back to your place?" He questioned getting into the freeway. I hummed in agreeance and say as far back as possible in my seat trying to will my oncoming head ache away.

The freeway was way less busy since it was wet and getting later, so we were able to fly traffic free.

Phoenix didn't say anything for a while until he turned up the radio. "Cheer up, shitty fathers shouldn't get you down." He said softly to me and it kind of surprised me.

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