Forgive Him? Not a Chance

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Artemis POV

       It's been a month since the incident and Jackson's has been pulling all of the cliche moves. You know the dozens of roses covering my room, the notes in my locker, and a box of chocolates. The chocolates I did not eat, sadly. I actually threw them away because Jackson was waiting in the hallway when I discovered them.
        Basically, I gave him a sickly sweet smile that tricked him into thinking that I was going to run into his arms willingly. Then just a9s he was walking over to claim his prize, a.k.a me, I threw them on the ground causing them to skid across the ground to his feet. He had a look of disbelief as I flipped him off. "Better luck next time," I said as I spun on my heel and walked away which seems to be happening alot lately with him.
        "Hey Art," Kat said as made her way away from my brother. Her and Matt have to be one of the cutest couples ever. I mean they have been so cute to the point of making me want to throw up. I'm not even joking.
        "Hey Kitkat. Finally escaped my brother?" I joked making her roll her as eyes.
        "Oh shut up whackass."
        "You love me" I say as she gives me her 'keep telling yourself that' face.
         "Hey guys," Marie says as she appears out of no where, making Kat scream as I howl with laughter.
         "Nice one Fireball," I tell her as we high-fived. Kat pushed up playfully.
         "You guys are jerks," she pouted.
         "But you love us." Marie teased.
         "Why do you two keep on saying that?" She shrieked.
         "Because it's true." I say as we start walking to the parking lot where we see that my car is decked out with rose petals, candles, and chocolates. "Your brother won't give up, will he?" I ask Marie.
         "Nope," she says adding a popping sound on the 'p'.
         "Great, just great." I begin brushing the petals and candles off. Then guess what I did with the chocolates, I threw them away. Can't he take a hint and leave me alone?
         At home I was lounging peacefully in my room when someone decided to barge into my room. "Art! What does Kat like?" Matt asked in a paniced tone.
        "Why are you asking?" I questioned.
        "Well.. I..." I raised my eyebrow, edging him to actually say a complete sentence. "I'm trying to plan a perfect date for her and I need help." He rushed out.
         "Geez Matt, you should of just started with that," I say as I threw a notebook at him. "It has everything you need to know about her idea of a perfect date. I thought you might need it."
          "Do you guys write everything down? I swear you have over 200 notebooks that you two filled with who knows what."
         "No. I only have 192." I say as I push him into the hallway. "Bye! Have fun with the date planning." Finally, I can relax.
           And once again I spoke too soon, someone was throwing rocks at my window. The one time that I would like some peace and quiet, everyone suddenly decides to interact with me.
          I look out my window to find Jackson throwing, no, chucking rocks at my window. As irriated as I am, I opened the open to yell down at him, "What do you want?"
         "To talk," he yelled back.
         "Well look at that! We're talking! Now leave me alone," I say as I slam my window shut. He was so irriatting.
         "But he is our mate, so we love him." Sapphire butted in.
          "Ya, a mate who cheated on us."
          "And he is sorry. Why aren't you forgiving him?"
          "Sapphire, you know why."
          "You don't want to get hurt by him."
          "I don't want to get hurt again by him. First he rejected me, then he slept with the pack slut." Sapphire growled at the mention of pack slut.
          "I know but-" she was cut off my by Jackson barging into my room. What the hell?
          "We are going to talk whether you like it or not," he said as he wrapped his arms around me, spending sparks flying through my body.
          "We did talk," I hissed out at him.
          "No, I want to talk about us."
          "There is no us, Jackson. Not after what you did."
          "Will you just forgive me already?" He begged. Forgive him? Never, why should I? "Please Artemis! I'll do anything."
          "Anything?" I raised an eyebrow at him.
          "Ok well maybe not anything," he told me. "Just most things."
          "Well you could, well I don't know, LEAVE ME ALONE!" I screamed at him as I push him away from me. I looked him straight in the eyes. "Get out of my house. NOW!" You could feel the anger rolling off of me in waves.
          "Artemis, please just let me explain."
          "LEAVE!" I yelled, my voice booming. After he left, I collapsed onto my bed. I let myself be consumed by the thoughts of evil, whispering to me how worthless I was because my own mate never wanted me. I let myself wallow in self-pity for the night.


Hey there Howlers! Hope you enjoyed the chapter, I'll hopefully be posting a new chapter in the next few weeks. Thanks for reading!


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