Chapter Twelve - The Girlfriend

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The next day was sit-down classes with everyone in my level. Like yesterday, Cole and Vanessa were not to be found so I took a spot next to Alex.

            Today's class was talking about various techniques to maneuver out of a Catcher's grip if they get you. It was interesting, but still basically a foreign language to me as they went over all the steps that I would need to practice later today.

            After this was lunch so the two of us joined up with Claire and headed to the cafeteria to get some food before training starts today.

            I was growing used to the routine here. People still gave me interested looks, but not nearly as much as I got when I first showed up. Sure enough, my five seconds of fame was slowly diminishing and I couldn't be happier.

            I still thought back to home quite a lot. What was my dad doing? Did he even care that I was gone? What about Ryan?

            I wanted to eventually, when I had 'graduated' from here, go back. I know making contact with them would only allow them to be a target for Catchers, but I do want to see and know how they are doing. While I think my father probably doesn't care, I can completely see Ryan freaking out about this whole thing.

            "Taylor?" I shook myself out of my inner thoughts and looked at Claire. "What do you want to get for lunch?"

            I looked at our options and shrugged. "A burger is fine with me."

            We got our food and headed over to the table that Allyson was already seated at. Her young features were excited as we sat down around her.

            "You guys are never going to believe it," She started. "I just saw Vanessa down by the dorms and she was fuming. Even the ends of her hair were on fire."

            Claire snorted. "That is something I do believe. The girl is crazy--"

            That's when we heard a scream of anger. Hesitantly, I turned around and noticed that everyone is staring at Vanessa who was standing in the doorway of the building. Her dark eyes were searching the crowds until they rested on me and she began stomping over here, flames licking the air was she continued forward.

            "Oh shit," Alex muttered under his breath. "Who is she looking at over here?"

            "You're a real gem, Taylor," Vanessa said to me as she got closer and closer. "A real gem."

            I briefly looked over at Claire who was staring at me in surprise. "What the hell did you do? Did you murder her cat or something?"

            She came to our table and I stood up with my best 'please calm down, I'm only a civilian in this case' face.


            "Since when did you think that running your little mouth and meddling into another person's relationship was a good thing?" She seethed. I could see waves of heat coming off of her skin because she was so angry. Now is the time to place nice guy and not get burned to a crisp.

            "Look, I was only trying to help a friend--"

            "A friend who is my boyfriend and helping my relationship! You've only been here for a week, you know nothing about us!"

            "I was just trying to help--"

            "You got it through Cole's mind that he needed to break up with me. Me! Why'd you do that? Because you want him? You think that because you spent a few days alone together, you actually have a chance with him?"

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